PayPal COO leaves at the end of the year to join Google as President of Commerce

Former PayPal COO Bill Ready, who announced he was leaving in June, will join Google as the company’s president of Commerce Task Description

Netease Technology News on December 12, according to foreign media reports, online payment platform PayPal announced that its chief operating officer, Bill Ready, will leave at the end of this year and join Google in January next year as the company’s new President of Commerce, reporting directly to Prabhakar Raghavan, senior vice president of advertising, commerce, and payments.

Reddy’s work at Google does not involve payments, which means he will not be directly involved in PayPal’s competitor Google Pay. Instead, as Google ’s new president of commerce, Reddy will focus on leading Google ’s vision, strategy, and delivery of business products. However, this work requires close cooperation with advertising and payment businesses.

Lagavan said in a statement: “Reddy has an extraordinary track record, building outstanding experience and deep strategic partnerships for consumers, which makes him a powerful complement to our team. I feel about the future of Google’s business Extremely excited. “

Reddy said: “I have always admired Google’s mission to make everyone accessible to the digital economy. Google is always providing world-class business capabilities to partners of all sizes, and I look forward to continuing this mission.”

Reddy joined PayPal in 2013 when PayPal acquired the startup Braintree for $ 800 million, and he became the CEO of Braintree and Venmo. Today, Braintree provides payment services to companies such as Uber, Airbnb, Facebook, and, and Venmo’s transaction volume exceeds $ 25 billion per quarter

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