Open the window and sing to infect the virus? Supermarkets need to be disinfected? Authoritative experts say

Today (January 28), Feng Zijian, deputy director of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was interviewed by a reporter from CCTV, and responded to the concerns of some netizens in the prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection.

There are two reasons for the sharp increase in confirmed cases

Q: Why did the reported cases increase sharply over the past two days?

Feng Zijian: There are two reasons for the rapid growth of patients in Hubei. One is the disease itself. It does have a strong ability to spread and is highly contagious. One patient infects two to three people on average. In this case, how many patients are in the crowd, and two to three times as much as the spread, which is the basic reason for the rapid growth of patients. Another one is that our laboratory testing capabilities are gradually expanding, and many suspected patients are being diagnosed faster.

Does opening a window singing can spread the virus?

Question: Last night, some videos of Wuhan residents opening windows to sing on the Internet “swipe the screen”. Some doctors think that this approach is not desirable and may cause droplet infection. Will opening the window and singing cause the virus to spread?

Feng Zijian: No problem. Whether it is contagious depends on the distance. There is no problem in opening windows and singing between buildings.

No need to disinfect items bought in the supermarket

Q: Do items in the supermarket need to be disinfected?

Feng Zijian: No need. It is impossible for us to sterilize all items. In the situation of shopping in a supermarket, the chances of the items in the supermarket being contaminated by the patient’s mouth are not great. Rather than disinfecting these items, washing your hands frequently is more important.

Is the risk of the virus spreading globally?

Q: The World Health Organization changed the global risk of the new coronavirus to “high risk”. Does it mean that pneumonia of coronavirus infection may spread or spread globally ?

Feng Zijian: ( Raising the risk level) is mainly based on the current understanding of disease transmission ability and the number and spread of patients in China . The number and range of patients has expanded, and the likelihood of spread to other ranges has increased. Now patients are present in different places in our country. Although the imported cases are mainly from Hubei, the overall scope is relatively wide, so the risk of corresponding transmission abroad is indeed increased.

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