Open source petitions Microsoft: Win7 has retired, why not open source for free

Although Windows 7 is retired early this month, there are still many topics surrounding this classic operating system.

No, the open source organization Free Software Foundation (FSF) has solicited a petition calling on Microsoft to make the Win7 source code public in order to gather civilian power to revitalize the system.

FSF said that Microsoft should respect the user’s freedom and privacy. Publishing Windows 7 as free software is much smarter than forcing everyone to upgrade to the new Windows. This is a perfect opportunity to make up for the mistakes it made and extend the life cycle.

Although Microsoft has indeed released a lot of goodwill on open source over the years, such as the launch of WSL and the acquisition of GitHub, the code for Win7 does not seem to be given. In addition, Win7 still has residual value to squeeze, and Microsoft provides extended support for ESU paid extensions for some major customers, which will remain for at least three years.

At present, the petition has received more than 1,000 signatures, and the FSF intends to collect at least 7,777 people and submit them to Microsoft.

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