OnePlus Camera Design with Rotating Cover Visible

China’s smartphone maker OnePlus has filed a design patent with the WIPO Global Design Database. In which the camera design with rotating cover is shown.

The patent shows the back panel of a smartphone, similar to the one seen on the OnePlus 7T. It shows that the camera will not be visible when it is not used.
In the pictures that come with the patent, the dimable glass is not visible as seen on the Concept One smartphone. Instead, a fully rotating cover will be used.

When the camera cover is open, the position is “open”. There is no information in the patent whether the cover opens or closes automatically or is a manual process.
Patent photos also show the front of this device. In which we do not see any selfie camera.There is also no indication of pop-up selfie camera coming.

This may mean an in-display camera. Oppo recently confirmed that the Find X2 will not sport an in-display camera as Tech is not ready.
The purpose of this patent is to create a camera with a back camera that is not visibleAt the same time, OnePlus is using electrochromic glass behind the concept one. However, the company reported that the use of electrochromic glass could be costly.

Therefore, it is being used as a cover to hide the camera. We are unlikely to see this on the OnePlus 8 series but this feature can be given in the OnePlus 8T.

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