OnePlus announces new 2020 mobile phone screen technology: 120Hz + 2K OLED

Netease Mobile News January 13, 2020 News, OnePlus held a new screen technology communication meeting in Shenzhen B.Park bloom garden. In fact, recently, OnePlus CEO Liu Zuohu announced on Weibo: OnePlus has now completed The development of the 120Hz refresh rate screen, this communication session will elaborate on the characteristics of OnePlus in the development of the 120Hz screen.

OnePlus stated that following the official release of the 90Hz screen last year, OnePlus invested a lot of resources and energy on this screen. After the introduction of 90Hz screen products, various friends have also launched products of the same technology, and “And Smooth” is the goal pursued by OnePlus.

OnePlus’s 120Hz screen technology is mainly interpreted in three aspects: smooth, accurate and comfortable. First, it will be smooth. OnePlus’s new screen in 2020 will use OLED screens. After selecting OLED, OnePlus will also use the Smooth Chain to adjust it. Do optimization. From the precise perception of TPIC to the processing of CPU and GPU resources to the content drive of DDIC, and finally the accurate presentation of the screen. Use Smooth Chain to complete the full chain optimization of the display level, and finally have a screen experience that makes users feel smooth and smooth. 

Plus a maximum sampling rate of up to 120Hz screen 240Hz, 120Hz screen and added to the product: MEMC, MEMC ( Motion Estimate And Motion Compensation ) is motion estimation and motion compensation technology. Its principle is to supplement the intermediate frame picture by pixel-level motion vector calculation, to promote the original low-frame content to high- frame content, to make the motion picture more coherent and smooth (multiple applications for TV products), increase the MEMC chip for mobile phones, chip size Only 20.25mm ?.

The second is accuracy. In general terms, it should be accurately restored. The 120Hz screen can achieve a 10it color display. The number of color levels of the screen has been increased from 256 to 1024. It can display up to 1.07 billion colors in total. The accuracy of the color displayed on the screen. It is an important standard for accurate reproduction. In order to restore color, some professional designers will take color accuracy as an important consideration when selecting the screen. OnePlus ‘s JNCD (Just Noticeable Color Difference) <0.8, OnePlus  JNCD < 0.8 will be the Factory standard for all products.

The last is comfort. The comfort of the top screen naturally can give users a better experience. OnePlus has set a small goal for itself: to make the best automatic brightness adjustment experience in the Android camp, and use a more accurate brightness sensor in hardware. , Keen to capture light changes. 

A plus automatically adjust the brightness in the software light level from the lift 1024 to 4096, four times before fine degree reached, the new scene determination dimming schemethe time to respond quickly no hysteresis, smooth, comfortable when the slow change; Use the latest ambient light sensor to obtain the color temperature information of the user’s environment and then adjust the screen color temperature to the color temperature value that is most suitable for the current environment.

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