One of the highlights of this feature is the WhatsApp feature that millions of users ignore.

In addition to animated images, group chat, one-on-one chat, voice chat, image messages and other features in the most popular social media app WhatsApp, this messaging service also has a way that users can use this feature. The name is an archive.

There are many interesting features within the WhatsApp such as Fast Loading, End to End encrypted (by default), group chats, QR scan code, as well as connecting to relatives and family with the convenience of replaying specific messages. ۔

According to a report, more than 100 billion messages were sent to every user worldwide in 24 hours using the WhatsApp December 31.

The WhatsApp feature most commonly used is a group chat where we receive a large number of messages from 5 to 10 people on a daily basis, and these groups often spread rumors to foreign countries. Are.

But have you ever wondered what will happen if WhatsApp chat is put in the archive? One experience has proven that this is exactly like clearing your mobile’s message inbox.

The archive chat option also has the advantage of having a chat icon in its place, and you can easily find a particular user’s chat.

Assume that if a new message arrives on this chat, it appears in your inbox again and old messages are in it, so nothing is missing in the archive option.

WhatsApp owners also urge their users to use this feature, and its website states, “The archive chat feature allows you to secure chat screen chat access as and when needed.” Conveniently, you can further organize your conversations using group chats or individual chats using the archive option.

Also, using archive chat, you can easily view any message and one of the interesting features of this feature is that it does not worry about being ignored because it is the only message you have in the inbox. Will appear in which you will not see new messages.

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