Once again India decides to take space missions to the moon after the failure

New Delhi (NNI) India has once again planned to launch space missions at the moon’s surface. According to Indian TV, the Chandrayaan It was the largest space mission in the history of the Indian space agency, ISRO. Its failure was a major blow to the Indian Space Agency. A space organization statement said that we will launch this space mission this year

Plans to launch the program however this program may extend to next year. The space agency said that work on the Chandran III was underway to successfully land it at the moon’s surface. After a journey of forty-seven days, when the Vikram of Chandrayan II was about two kilometers above the level of the Landschand, he was disconnected. At that time the head of the Indian space agency ISRO said that the pictures showed that Vikram Lander had a hard landing at the moon level. India became the fourth country to send its space mission to Russia after Russia, the US and China. Wishes India considers itself a low-cost country on space programs. During a press conference, Space Program Chairman K Sivan said the new space mission would cost $ 30 million, most of which would be spent on the mission launch site.

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