On the one hand, due to Corona bail, NAB on the other hand issues the former Prime Minister’s warrants

Islamabad : Former Finance Minister Muftiah Ismail has said that the NAB kept him in jail for a long time but did not file a reference against him, now filed a reference against Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Arshad Mirza. Warrants have been issued.

Former Finance Minister Muftiah Ismail said he stayed away from political Twitter for three months after being released on bail and is re-joining Twitter today. Is facing the worst crisis of which his personal story has no significance.

He said he remained in NAB custody for 50 days while in Adiala jail for 3 months while no reference was filed by the NAB regarding the LNG terminal. To ease matters for the NAB, ministers of mine and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi have told the court that 30 LG terminals have been deployed outside Pakistan, NAB has found a terminal that looks cheaper than Pakistan, if that happens. So whatever the NAB wants to accuse us of, we will accept it. ‘

Muftiah Ismail said that NAB did not find any cheap terminal from Pakistan but we were still in captivity. We will accept all the charges of NAB if the deal is brought cheap from Pakistan. Surprisingly, NAB presented the details of India’s deal with Qatar to the court, which was signed a month before Pakistan. But it also proved that Indian Dell is far more expensive than Pakistan.

He said another reference has been filed by NAB against former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, MDPSO Imran ul Haq, former Secretary Petroleum and current Secretary Education Arshad Mirza. Warrant arrests of Shahid Abbasi and Arshad Mirza have also been issued in the Corona virus crisis.

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