Now the drone has also become a housekeeper

US and Swiss company have developed a home defense drone system priced at Rs 1.5 million (Photo: Sunflower Labs)

Zurich:  Countless drone uses are coming in every day. Now, the US and Swiss companies have jointly developed a drone that guards the house. He not only informs the phone app of any suspicious situation but also details of it himself.

This latest home surveillance drone was developed by Sunflower Labs, but the price is immense. Its entire set consists of several sensors and launching pads. This is the reason why its price is so high that it is worth 10 thousand dollars, or 1.5 million rupees.

On the one hand, the company claims that it is the world’s first drone that completely protects the home and is equipped with all sorts of sensors. Another feature is that the drone is completely independent and monitors the house and the garden and the hall.

This drone held at CES, an annual exhibition on home appliances in Las Vegas, has become very popular and the public has expressed keen interest. The drone will be available in the market by the middle of this year.

Sunflower, hive and fly

There are three main parts of this drone system, namely sunflower, bee and hive, namely sunflower, umbrella and honeybee. Sunflowers are like lights on the lawn of a home that keeps moving and note the vibrancy. Sunflower sensors, on the other hand, can discriminate between animals, humans, and vehicles, and map the entire home.

Bee or Bee is an automatic drone that flies under the GBS system without hitting the house and broadcasts in real-time. While the hive is where the drone stops and as soon as the sunbeam reports any suspicious activity in the house, the drone immediately flies out of its place. It has an artificial intelligence automatic system and is fully waterproof.

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