Now it Will Be Easier For Everyone To Do a Corona Test

A testing kit has been developed to diagnose the deadly corona virus that is available worldwide.According to the British media, a COVID-19 test has been developed to test whether the patient is able to perform a coronary artery test at home if symptoms show.

Professor Sharon P. Cook, director of the National Infection Service at British Public Health, informed British parliamentarians that a group had developed a fingerprint kit to test for the corona virus. As the blood sample indicates whether the results are positive or negative, the sample will be sent to the laboratory if the results are not clear.

This finger prick kit will be the same as a sugar check kit which means that a blood sample can be obtained by simply pinning the pin to the finger.

In this regard, Professor P. Cook said that the test kit is currently being tested in Oxford, so once it is introduced to the public, people can order it at home.Professor P. Cook said that the above-mentioned cuts will be provided to the National Health Service staff and volunteers, after which it will be made available to all individuals.

This testing kit will also be available in medical stores and hospitals rather than ordering online.It is to be noted that due to the increasing number of cases of corona worldwide, there is a shortage of kits for the COVID-19 test in hospitals, which is leading to the manufacture of fingerprint kits.

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