Now it is Possible to Control the iPad with Eyes

 WASHINGTON: Smartphones and tablets are becoming commonplace across the globe, but not everyone can benefit from these important inventions. Now extra casing has been made for the world’s first iPad Pro, which provides full control of the iPad with eye gestures.

The system is named Skyl and the first feature is included in the Apple iPad Pro. This way the tablet can be fully controlled with no eye gestures. Currently the 12.9-inch version of the iPad Pro is only compatible with the tablet.

The iPad Pro has a special casing for incorporating this feature. It has a sensitive scanner that monitors the movement of both eyes. There are two types of options, one is telescopic tracking while the other also notes dark circles in the eye, ie, the thin left to right and top to bottom movement.

This type of connection has been named Agnomento and Alternative Communication (AAC), which can work with a variety of systems and protocols. Thus all the features of the iPad can be performed by eye. Skills can also paralyze stroke victims, cerebral palsy and other victims.

When it comes to tablets, the iPad can do many things. On the one hand, you can stay in touch with friends and family. On the other hand, the entire system of smart homes can be controlled by them. Therefore, people with disabilities will be able to perform their various tasks with a great deal of skill.

There is no need for a separate power supply for skill casing as it works with the power of the iPad itself. It can also be used as a pointing device, a mouse and a digital pan, but the cost of the Skills casing is $ 3,000, or about Rs. 4 lakhs.

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