Nine Apps that are Damaging your Android Phone

Trend Micro has recently warned Android users about dangerous apps that can cause viruses in mobile phones.

Samsung and Huawei are the most widely used smartphone devices in the world. But if you are also an Android user then you should be careful.

The report says there are 9 mobile apps that can damage your mobile data by attacking dangerous viruses in your mobile phones.

Experts also point out that these dangerous mobile boosting apps have been downloaded more than 400,000 times.

The report added that there are an estimated 3,000 viruses that can easily be downloaded to the affected mobile phones and they take over your mobile system, which also causes their icons. Your mobile applications could not be listed.

But the good news is that Google has completely eliminated all 9 of these apps from the Play Store.

The following is a list of 9 dangerous apps.

1.Shoot Clean

2.Super Clean Lite

3.Super Clean

4.Quick Games

5.Rocket Cleaner

6.Rocket Cleaner Lite

7.Speed Clean

8. Link World VPN

9 .H5 Game box

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