New U.S. regulations restrict AI software exports to prevent sensitive technologies

Technology News on January 4, according to foreign media reports, starting next week, the US government will increase restrictions on artificial intelligence (AI) software exports, a move designed to prevent sensitive technologies from falling into the hands of competitors.

A new rule that will take effect on January 6, local time in the U.S. states that companies that export certain types of geospatial imaging software from the United States must apply for a license to send them overseas, but AI software sent to Canada is not restricted Column.

This measure is the first measure authorized by the U.S. Department of Commerce under a law of 2018, which stipulates that for economic and security reasons, the Commerce Department is responsible for making rules to strengthen supervision of the export of sensitive technology to US competitors.

This provision will only take effect in the United States, but the US government can later submit it to international agencies in an attempt to create a level playing field globally.

U.S. Republicans and Democrats have become increasingly disappointed at the slow roll out of rules to strengthen export controls. Chuck Schemer, a Senate minority leader and Democrat, urged the U.S. Department of Commerce to speed up the process.

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