New Facebook rules: Ban “celebrities” from promoting branded e-cigarette weapons

Social giants Facebook and Instagram will no longer allow “celebrities” on the platform to promote e-cigarettes, tobacco products, and weapons with branded trademark content. According to technology media Engadget, Facebook said the new rules will be enforced “in the next few weeks.” In addition, Facebook will develop a series of tools to support the new rules, such as setting a minimum age limit for content subscribers.

For Instagram, this is the first time the platform has put content restrictions on its “celebrities.” US financial media CNBC said that since June of this year, Instagram has adjusted its brand content release, allowing advertisers to post products or services on Instagram via the platform “celebrities” or users who have partnerships with advertisers. When users browse posts with branded content on Instagram, they will see the “Paying Partner” tab on the post.

Engadget said that although Facebook and Instagram have banned direct advertising of guns and e-cigarettes in the past, they have not banned the promotion of “celebrities” on the platform. Until now, advertisers can conduct paid promotions through “celebrities”, but now the vulnerability will be Closed by the new policy.

In addition to e-cigarettes, tobacco products, and weapons, Facebook is also considering “special restrictions” on alcohol and dietary supplements next year.

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