New Corona Virus Genome Sequencing in the UK

According to the official website of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom on the 23rd, the university, and the British New Corona Pneumonia Genomics Federation will spend 20 million pounds to carry out large-scale whole-genome sequencing of the New Coronavirus, which aims to help governments and scientists better understand, respond to and control New crown pneumonia spread.

Participating units of the British New Corona Pneumonia Genomics Alliance include the British National Medical Service (NHS), public health agencies, Wellcome Sanger Institute and many academic institutions. Share with the government.

Virus samples from patients diagnosed with New Corona Pneumonia will be sent to a network of sequencing centers, which currently includes 13 universities including the University of Cambridge and Oxford. The University of Cambridge will work closely with the Wellcome Sanger Institute to coordinate a team of experts from across the UK to analyze the genetic code of a local sample of new Corona pneumonia in the UK.

Whole-genome sequencing involves reading the complete genetic code of the virus. By studying the entire viral genome of patients diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia, scientists can better and faster understand the way the virus spreads, changes, and whether different strains appear. This will have Helps improve clinical care for patients, provide guidance for future treatments, help monitor the impact of interventions and save patients’ lives.

“At a critical moment in history, this new alliance will bring together the UK’s brightest top scientists to deepen our knowledge of new Corona pneumonia so that we can better respond to this disease and ultimately save lives. “

“Our best minds will make a major breakthrough and help us deal with this disease,” said Sir Patrick Valence, the UK’s chief scientific adviser.

The head of the alliance is Professor Sharon Piccok, director of the Department of Public Health and Microbiology at the University of Cambridge and director of the National Infection Authority of the Department of Public Health.¬†“The new Corona virus is one of the biggest threats the UK has faced recently, and understanding how it spreads is critical to our response,” Pick said.

Professor Fiona Watt, Executive Chairman of the Medical Research Council of the UK’s Research and Innovation Unit, said: “The results provided by this alliance will help the UK and the world better respond to future pandemics.”¬†

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