Nest University prepares for Corona virus testing kit

It may be recalled that China had sent 12,000 diagnostic kits of Corona virus to Pakistan in recent days while the Sindh government, with the help of a private hospital, received the kits for the test of 10 thousand corona virus patients.

In addition, Fawad Chaudhry shared a tweet saying that only science can prevent global outbreak.Ch Fawad Hussain

✔@fawadchaudhryOnly Science can save the world from such pendamics,Pakistani scientists around the world and in Pak are playing crucial role in a combat against #coronavirus I may request Pakistani Reserach institutions n Researchers to work on affordable versions of Ventilators….

5,8997: 48 PM – Mar 19, 2020Twitter |

Scientists around the world are trying their best to develop the Corona virus vaccine, according to Australian and Israeli experts who have come close to developing the vaccine.

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