National Health Commission announces new crown pneumonia English abbreviation NCP

Whether new-coronary pneumonia can be transmitted through the feces and mouth has not been determined, and the relevant risks need to be alert. Disease control experts say that medical staff will not carry the virus when they leave the ward

Beijing News (Reporter Ni Wei) On February 8, a press conference on the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council was held. National Health Commission spokesman Song Shuli announced that pneumonia infected with the new coronavirus was temporarily named “new coronavirus pneumonia”, referred to as “new coronary pneumonia” and “NCP” for short in English.

At the press conference, the heads of relevant departments responded to questions about the effectiveness of the current nucleic acid detection reagents.

Some vendors’ food prices have risen 7 times, and they have been severely cracked down.

According to Chen Zhijiang, deputy director of the Price Supervision and Competition Bureau of the State Administration of Supervision and Administration, from the data of 40 cities currently inspected and monitored, the prices of important people ’s livelihood commodities such as “rice bags” and “vegetable baskets” are basically stable and adequately supplied. obvious.

 The General Administration of Market Supervision requires local market supervision authorities to crack down on various types of price violations in a serious, rapid, and severe manner. Some places have found that the prices of vegetables at individual businesses have increased by 3 times, 4 times, and up to 7 times. As of February 7, more than 360 cases involving the prices of people’s livelihood goods have been filed by the national market supervision authorities, and more than 100 cases have been punished.

Guaranteed safety and effectiveness of nucleic acid detection reagents

In response to the effectiveness of the current nucleic acid testing reagents, Jiang Deyuan, the inspection commissioner of the Device Registration Department of the State Food and Drug Administration, said that the nucleic acid testing reagents approved in the short term had been clinically tested and rigorously reviewed. Protection. The State Food and Drug Administration also requires provincial drug regulatory authorities to supervise and inspect reagent manufacturing enterprises.

Jiang Deyuan said that once the new crown pneumonia virus rapid detection reagent has mature products, it will continue to be organized into the emergency approval process for evaluation and review. Previously, on January 26, 28, and 31, the State Food and Drug Administration had approved the registration of 7 products by 7 companies, which expanded the supply capacity of new crown pneumonia virus nucleic acid detection reagents.

New Coronary Pneumonia Does Not Determine Fecal-to-Mouth Transmission

Feng Luzhao, a researcher at the Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control Division of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that at present, some provinces have tested positive for nucleic acid in feces. Studies on the risk of fecal-oral transmission will be strengthened.

Feng Luzhao explained that fecal-oral transmission refers to infection of the digestive tract through food and water, and hand-foot-mouth disease and cholera are transmitted through the fecal-mouth. He reminded catering professionals, in particular, to maintain good habits and wash their hands before and after meals and after contact with items that may be infected.

  • Will the medical staff take the virus out of the hospital?
  • Medical personnel leave the ward through scientific protection and will not carry the virus

Some people worry that medical staff will treat the patients with a new type of coronavirus pneumonia at the designated hospitals. Will they take the virus out when they take transportation or go home? Feng Luzhao said that this is everyone’s doubt, but also the worry of the medical staff’s family members, and their health.

According to Feng Luzhao, from a scientific point of view, even in the isolation ward, medical staff who directly contact patients with New Coronavirus will enter the ward to work after scientific protection in accordance with strict requirements. After proper disinfection and protection measures, the medical staff will not carry the virus when they leave the ward and the hospital. There is no need to panic. Please rest assured.

Feng Luzhao called for medical staff to be the most direct fighters fighting the epidemic day and night, hoping that every medical staff could be treated with respect and kindness.

What should I do if my community has confirmed cases?

No need to panic, keep on protecting yourself

When some residents heard that there were confirmed cases in their community, they were panicked and did not know how much the risk of infection was. In this regard, Feng Luzhao said that patients will go to designated hospitals for isolation treatment after diagnosis, and those in close contact will also observe isolation. Households with confirmed cases and public areas of the community will be cleaned and disinfected. As a resident of the community, you don’t need to panic too much, you must continue to do a good job of personal protection.

New crown pneumonia  infectious disease

“New crown pneumonia is a new infectious disease. All of us have no immunity and are susceptible to everyone. Therefore, regardless of whether there are cases in the community, there is a risk of infection if we do not pay attention to prevention because society is not closed.”

It is said that you must wear a mask when taking the elevator or walking the stairs. Before the end of the epidemic, you should avoid touching the handrails of stairs, the buttons of elevators, and the surfaces of public facilities in the community with your hands as much as possible.

Can I use medical alcohol to disinfect disposable masks?

Will reduce the protection efficiency, not suitable for disinfection with alcohol

Some netizens asked, can disposable masks be disinfected by spraying with medical alcohol and reused? Feng Luzhao said that ordinary residents use disposable masks in places with relatively low risks, and can be reused when the masks are clean and complete, especially when the inner layer is not polluted.

They should be placed in the room after each use. Dry and ventilated place. And spraying disinfectants, including medical alcohol, will reduce the protection efficiency, so it is not appropriate to use alcohol spray to disinfect the mask.

Feng Luzhao emphasized that whether masks can be reused depends on the specific situation. If you are alone and have no contact with outsiders at home, you may not wear a mask. You don’t need to wear a mask on a private car, or when you are bending outdoors and walking in a park with few pedestrians. 

For staff in densely populated places, including those involved in the epidemic-related industries, administrative staff, police, security, courier, etc., it is recommended to wear medical surgical masks, which can be appropriately extended according to the actual situation and reduce the frequency of replacement. Dirt, deformation, damage, etc. need to be replaced in a timely manner.

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