Motorola Razer: Delayed return of leading flip phone with touch and folding screen

Motorola manufacturer Motorola has announced the delay in the release of its new ‘Razor’ mobile phone. The Razer Sun is an updated version of the flip phone introduced in 2005 that can be folded off the screen.

Under the initial plan, this folding phone was supposed to be available for sale in the United States from December 26 and cost around the US $ 1,500, but the project has now been delayed.

Lenovo says the razor’s popularity is the main reason for the delay, and demand for new mobiles has surpassed its supply even before it came to the market.

However, this is a clear example of the difficulties encountered in the early stages of folding phones being available in the market.

Motorola Company says the launch of the new mobile will not be ‘too much’, but the company has not announced a new date.

The BBC’s Chris Fox has identified a few issues with its hardware after using Razer’s ‘prototype’.

He says the model will be adopted more in a fashion than a mobile. Although the initial price of $ 1500 may seem a bit high, the price is still lower than the two larger folding phones already on the market, Samsung Fold ($ 1980 USD) and Huawei Mate X ($ 2600).

Samsung canceled its folding phone’s launch in April this year when analysts reported that their device’s screen had been broken during the trial.

Huawei X also made a similar decision later. He said that after the problems facing Samsung, Huawei has also decided that they will do more experiments before bringing their Mate X model to market.

However, after some delays both models were made available for sale in the market. Samsung Fold was available in September this year while the Mate X was available in the market in November.

The Royal Corporation, a small California-based company, upset both of these big companies in the market when they unveiled their folding phone ‘Flexspay’ at an event held in Beijing in October 2018.

This phone has never been available for sale in the mass market nor has there been strong reviews.

BBC Click’s Dawn Simmons used its developer version in January 2019. He says there were no apps available that matched the folding screen’s changing position.

Other than a prototype copy of an event or an experimental handset in the office, I haven’t seen a folding phone in the hands of anyone on the street or on the road.

Is this scenario ready to change in 2020?

CCS Insight analyst Benwood is optimistic about this.

He says folding phones have their own problems, as they are significantly more fragile than the phones that came before them, but the demand for the Razer market and the pre-sale Samsung sales figures for the initial Samsung. Numbers show that consumers are interested in them.

Benwood told me that ‘I believe the impact of flexible display technology will be not only on smartphones but on a larger scale.’

“In the next decade, it will add a new chapter to consumer electronics devices that will add screens to all kinds of products.” The day is not far when we will see smart speakers whose screens are wrapped around them. ‘

Benwood believes that next year we will see a new lot of folding tools.

I will definitely keep an eye on it when I attend CES in Las Vegas next year.

And for those of us who are looking to price up some of Motorola’s new folding phones, there’s even more news for them.

This month, a company called Escobar Ink has announced that they will be stepping into the smartphones market soon and according to their plans, they will soon introduce a folding phone at Markham which costs only $ 349.

The Escobar company is founded by the brother of Colombia’s notorious drug dealer Pablo Escobar.

Many analysts at technology websites say that the design and spec of the Escobar Fold One are similar to Royal Flexspeed.

This folding phone is currently only available on the company’s own website.

However, I don’t think Samsung is going to make a difference right now.

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