More Deaths in Spain than in China

The death toll from the new Corona virus in Spain has risen so much that it has reached the second highest after Italy globally.

 European Union Spain has recorded a record increase in deaths due to the Corona virus. In Spain alone, seven hundred and thirty-eight deaths were reported on Wednesday. The death toll from the Corona virus in this country has risen to 3,340. That number is higher than in China. The virus has so far killed 3,350 people in China.

The total number of Corona virus-infected patients in Spain has also increased by twenty percent and thus the number of Corona virus-infected patients has exceeded thirty-seven thousand. 

Due to the high number of patients in Spain, many hotels have also been converted into temporary hospitals, while an ice cream warehouse in Madrid has been turned into a dormitory.

Scientists around the world have been investigating the Corona virus since the outbreak from China, and now experts have also revealed new signs of the virus.

Experts in the British Association of British Association of Otorhrenolaryngology say that feeling unwell, even when the sensation of smell can be an early sign of the virus.

Experts say that the loss of sensation of breath can be a symptom of infection as viral infection of the breath can also affect the sensation of smell and taste.

Experts believe that patients with COVID-19 may show signs of high fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing, as well as a sensation of sensation of smell and taste.

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