Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: 6G is still in the exploration stage and will never be closed to study

On the morning of January 20, the State Council Information Office held a press conference and invited the Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei to introduce the development of the industrial communications industry in 2019 and answer questions from reporters.

In answering a reporter’s question, Wen Ku, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and director of the Department of Information and Communication Development, said that at present, although many countries in the world have released some news about 6G,

In fact, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has long been 6G After doing the work, we started to carry out this work at the end of 2017, and in 2018 we organized some experts to discuss 6G. During the discussion, everyone has a very important understanding.

6G is both anxious and not so anxious. At present, it has to be down-to-earth and realistic. In the process of 5G development, 5G has just begun to develop. Minister Miao also just answered that 5G still has a lot of work to do.

The 5G independent networking and 5G applications mentioned by everyone are still being explored, and many applications have not been completely completed. The Minister just said that we gradually accumulated our applications by “laying eggs along the way”. But at the same time, just like the 6G mentioned by the reporter, we ca n’t do 5G alone but not 6G. We have to do a 6G.

The so-called anxiety is to lay it out and conduct research early, but we cannot say what 6G is now. We have been studying 6G for two years now, but there is no particularly clear and bright result for everyone to show.

According to reports, 6G’s work is done in two aspects, one aspect is what the needs of 6G? What is the vision of 6G? What is 6G doing?

Wen Ku said everyone said that many visions of 5G work have been realized, and they are still exploring the factory and applications.

Can 6G write it all at once? I actually ca n’t understand, but ca n’t I write if I do n’t understand? No. That is, we are still observing what other applications cannot be met by 5G, and what technologies we want to implement in 5G but have not used them yet.

For example, everyone discusses a lot of “full-duplex”. Can I send and receive at the same time? A technology like this was conceived in 5G, but at the last time, technical experts from around the world discussed together, saying that this thing may not work in the 5G era.

Can the technology of our electronic information products be solved ten years later? Another thing is that the bandwidth now reaches millimeter waves. Millimeter waves can be hundreds of megabytes and hundreds of megabytes of bandwidth, which can be used for communication. The data carried under the bandwidth of hundreds of megabytes can go up, possibly to 6G.

For example, after 10 years, a bandwidth of several hundred megabytes is not enough. We need a few Gigabits of bandwidth, and a few Gigabits of bandwidth will get higher frequency bands to find. In radio research, I also study with people who are engaged in communication in the world, how exactly this system is doing.

“Now these tasks are being explored. In a word, we need to be anxious, but not so anxious. The first thing to do now is to do 5G work now and 6G work to start. Second, whether it is 5G or 6G, The experience of more than ten years of exploration is that this work is global.

When the 2008 Olympic Games had a slogan, the same world and the same dream. Later, we took this sentence and called it in the communication industry. ‘. So in the course of the research, we will continue to report to you. The progress is similar to ours in the world. Whether it is ITU or 3GPP, these major experts are doing it, but it has not been said yet. When I showed you a result, I was actually still exploring. “Wen Ku said.

In this regard, Miao Wei added that there is an organization in China called IMT-2020. “We have now expanded to IMT-2030.

This organization is mainly based on the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and organizes all aspects of the world to work together to The study of one generation of standards. Three standards in the 3G era, two global standards in the 4G era, globally unified standards in the 5G era, and the benefits of globally unified standards are self-evident.

We must cherish hard-won achievements. In the 6G era, whether it is Whatever, we still have to work to promote globally unified standards. In the process, we still have to adhere to the road of openness and cooperation. We will never close our doors to study Chinese standards by ourselves. That will be independent of the world.

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