Midnight green is absolutely dead? Rumored iPhone 12 Pro adds navy blue

According to foreign media reports, news source Max Weinbach teamed with Everything ApplePro on YouTube to reveal the new color scheme of the iPhone 12 Pro (and possibly other iPhone 12). According to Weinbach, Apple may give up the introduction of the iPhone 11 series Midnight green, making room for navy blue.

Navy blue is the transitional color of blue and black. Its pigment and visual sense are lighter than black and darker than blue. It is stable without appearing too mature, quiet without being too serious. It is the strongest professional color. It is used in high-end, professional And the business model of the iPhone 12 Pro is indeed very suitable.

Beginning with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, Apple’s exploration of mobile colors has not stopped. This company has unique experience in color research, and the advancement of materials and processes also allows it to create tacky colors in some inherent impressions. One of the main reasons for popular color matching, such as local gold, rose gold, and midnight green. When the iPhone is released every year, new colors can be sought after.

In addition, according to this breaking news, in addition to the new flagship color, iPhone 12 Pro will also get a thinner design, 6GB of memory and a huge benefit of 5nm process A14 chip.

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