Microsoft’s Xiaobing team: no longer limited to 18-year-old girls to set up virtual customization

PingWest products play on January 17th. Today, the Microsoft Xiaobing team announced that it will start small-scale public testing of the Avatar Framework in batches starting next Wednesday. If the test is successful, the new Avatar Framework for everyone will be officially released this spring as planned. 

This means that Microsoft Xiaobing will no longer be limited to the specific setting of the eighteen-year-old girl Xiaobing, but will be able to create various types of artificial artificial virtual humans for them according to the needs of each human user The functions cover various application categories such as companionship, emotional communication, intelligent assistant, and content creation.

In the small-scale testing phase, each batch is tested for a specific virtual human scenario. The first batch of small-scale public tests to be launched next Wednesday will test emotional companionship and limit the product to female lovers. More batches will be launched in the coming weeks. During the testing phase, the life of each virtual human will be limited to 168 hours. After the test, the lives of these virtual humans will be ended, but their interactive memories with users can be preserved. Therefore, if users need it, it is expected to be resurrected when the official product is launched.

The Microsoft Xiaobing team said that creating a “person” that belongs to you among the billions of people will soon become a achievable future for anyone. Virtual humans with both EQ and IQ have the advantages of rapid evolution, ubiquity, high concurrency, and lasting survival. The eighteen-year-old, quirky girl Xiaobing is just the first prototype in this framework.

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