Microsoft’s next-generation console named Xbox Series X PC case shape

The “Game Academy Oscar” The Game Awards (TGA), Microsoft Phil Spencer announced that the new generation of game consoles code named Xbox Scarlet will be named Xbox Series X.

Yesterday, Spencer only hinted in the interview that the new console would not be called Xbox Two or Xbox 4. It was unexpected that the new name would be announced so soon, and it was unexpected by many people.

Judging from the Series, there are at least two new mainframes, which may be the pure digital version “Lockhart” and the top version “Anaconda” without optical drive.

The pictures released together show that the new host adopts a cuboid design and can stand on a desktop. The top is a recessed circular hole with a green breathing light on the inside.

On the spot, Microsoft also used the new Xbox Series X console to demonstrate Ninja Theory’s new game “Hellbade 2.”

In addition, Microsoft reconfirmed that the new console will be available around Christmas holiday next year .

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