Microsoft’s new hosting official announcement! Called Xbox Series X, released in 2020

the next generation of Xbox at today’s Game Awards, called the Xbox Series X. Its appearance has also been announced. It uses a cube shape and looks more like a PC than the previous generation. , Will be on sale during the holiday of 2020. Microsoft used Xbox Series X to show “Hell 2”, a new game from Ninja Theory. At this time, Microsoft has not revealed the exact specifications of the Xbox Series X.

It is reported that the Xbox Series X will be equipped with a custom CPU based on AMD Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA architecture. Microsoft also uses an SSD on the Xbox Series X, which is expected to speed up game load times. The Xbox Series X will also support 8K games, with frame rates up to 120 fps in games, ray tracing and variable refresh rates.

Microsoft did not respond to reports about the company’s plans to launch two next-generation consoles, but the naming of the Xbox “Series” X does imply that there will not be only one console. According to foreign media, Microsoft is planning to launch two mainframes for the X series, one of which is lower in price and weaker in function.

Microsoft also released a new Xbox wireless controller today. Spencer explained: “It’s improved in size and shape to fit more people, and it also has a new share button to simplify screenshots and game recording.” This updated handle will be compatible with existing Xbox One And Windows 10 PC, and will be included with the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft Xbox Series X also supports Automatic Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and Dynamic Delay Input (DLI), which will “make the Xbox Series X the fastest responsive host ever.” Spencer said that the Series X is “for the cloud Designed for the future. ” “, Which will combine hardware and software to” bring great games to consoles and beyond as easily as possible. 

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