Microsoft launches all-in-one office app for iOS with Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Now iOS users also will get all three applications like Android, Word, Excel and PowerPoint within the same app.

Microsoft has launched an all-in-one office application that  Word, Excel and PowerPoint together.

IOS users had to use these three apps separately.

Earlier, Microsoft introduced its users to create documents through all three apps – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Android smartphones under one roof.

The new app is now available for iOS devices to download on to the Apple App Store and therefore the Google Play Store for Android users. Earlier, this app was being tested.

Mixing all three apps together will make it easier for users who always struggle between switching from one app to another for their document needs.

In addition, available for 360.4MB on the App Store, a single app requires much less phone storage than installing separate apps while retaining all the capabilities of an office application.

The all-in-one Microsoft Office app will allow users to perform many tasks. In addition to browsing between Word, Excel, and other files, the app also includes a variety of office.

Lens scanners that perform camera-centric tasks such as converting images to edit Word and Excel documents, scanning PDFs.

And automatically capturing whiteboard helps to. In addition, Microsoft has also increased app support for third party storage services like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud.

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