McDonald’s Launches Smartphone Order Nationwide

McDonald’s Japan will introduce mobile orders nationwide from tomorrow (January 28). You will be able to order and settle products from outside the store using the smartphone app. In addition, the provision of the dedicated application has already started, and it can be used as of today (January 27).

“Mobile order” is a service that allows you to order and pay for products through a dedicated smartphone app ( iOS / Android ). When you arrive at the store, you just need to pick up the product. There is no need to line up at the cash register, reducing waiting time for customers. Since the store can also reduce the number of cashiers, it is also effective in resolving labor shortages.

At McDonald’s overseas, such as the United States, “Mobile Order” has been introduced for several years. In Japan as well, the trial was introduced in some areas from April 2019, but it has finally been rolled out nationwide. In Japan, Starbucks and others have also introduced mobile orders in earnest.

I frequently use McDonald’s, which got products through the checkout line, but sometimes I was tired of the checkout line at the time of congestion. Using this “mobile order”, when the payment was completed, it was comfortable because the products were prepared by interrupting other customers at the cash register.

It is expected that stores will also promote the use of mobile orders, as they have the advantage of allowing cashiers to go to the kitchen

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