Many Technology Companies Helping in Wuhan raise more than 2 billion yuan for pneumonia

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, people all over the country are concerned about the epidemic of new coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan, especially medical staff and other practitioners who are struggling in the front line. At present, Wuhan is in urgent need of various medicines, disinfection supplies, masks and other materials. Various companies have donated to support Wuhan’s fight against the epidemic.

NetEase’s “Status ℃” column group statistics the current donation of major technology companies.

1. TencentOn January 24th, the Tencent Charity Foundation announced its donation of RMB 300 million to establish the first phase of a new pneumonia epidemic prevention and control fund.

The Tencent Public Welfare Foundation said that the donation will be mainly used for front-line combat and prevention of epidemic areas in Wuhan and other places, including procurement of masks, disinfectants, goggles and other materials, as well as help and incentives for front-line medical staff.

In addition, the Tencent Charity Platform also worked closely with charitable organizations such as the Red Cross Foundation of Hubei Province, Chongqing Charity Federation, and One Foundation, and launched a number of related charity projects as soon as possible to facilitate the donation of enthusiastic netizens. At present, nearly 5 million yuan has been collected.

2. AlibabaOn January 24th, the “Wuhan Fueling” charity project launched on Alibaba Charity Platform and Alipay Charity Platform has raised 71.4 million in 8 hours. All subsequent donations from the Alibaba Charity Platform will be used by Beijing New Sunshine Charity Foundation and Hubei Charity Federation to purchase medical protective supplies such as goggles, N95 masks, surgical masks, protective clothing, and subsidies for doctor accommodation.

On January 25th, Ali announced the establishment of a special fund of 1 billion yuan for medical supplies, directly purchasing medical supplies from home and abroad, and sending them to hospitals in Wuhan and Hubei.

3. Byte beatingOn January 25, Douyin and today ’s headline parent company beating, announced that they would donate 200 million yuan to the China Red Cross Foundation to set up a special humanitarian aid fund for medical staff to combat the new pneumonia epidemic. This special fund is mainly used to protect medical personnel working in the front line of combating new pneumonia.

If the medical staff is unfortunately infected in the front line, they will receive 100,000 yuan in assistance; if they have other great contributions or contributions, they will receive up to 1 million yuan in assistance.

4. Quick hands. On January 23, Quick Hands Technology decided to donate RMB 100 million to the Wuhan Municipal Government. Kuaishou also donated 50,000 “N95” masks to Wuhan through the Hubei Red Cross Foundation, and began to jointly distribute them to hospitals, transportation hubs, and residents’ communities.

5. Betta fish. On the evening of January 24, Douyu announced through the official Weibo that it would donate 10 million yuan to the Hubei Charity Federation, which will be used exclusively for the prevention and control of new coronavirus epidemics.

In a statement, Douyu said: “The meager power is within our ability. The betta that grew up here will share this fate with the city in the next time to fight the epidemic and survive the crisis.”

6. XiaomiOn January 25, Xiaomi’s very ecological chain enterprise has donated more than 3 million materials. In the next step, Xiaomi Group will donate more than 10 million yuan to continue to support Wuhan in fighting the pneumonia epidemic.

7, JingdongOn January 24, announced that it would donate one million medical masks and 60,000 medical supplies to Wuhan in batches to alleviate the shortage of local medical supplies. also strictly controls the products on the platform, and prohibits third-party merchants selling masks from increasing prices. JD.

8. LenovoOn January 25, Lenovo Group also launched an emergency rescue operation in Wuhan and donated all IT equipment needed to build Caidian emergency prevention and control hospital to Wuhan New Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters in order to speed up the emergency hospital’s completion and operation as soon as possible. On January 26, the first batch of IT equipment donated by Lenovo Group arrived at the scene of the headquarters of the Vulcan Mountain Hospital and started debugging. The second batch of 450 pcs, 270 printers and 120 pads donated by Lenovo the day after tomorrow will arrive at the scene of Caidian Vulcan Mountain Hospital.

9, KingsoftOn January 25, Kingsoft Software donated an additional 1 million yuan in funds.

10. MeizuOn the afternoon of January 24, Meizu donated RMB 300,000 to the Wuhan Charity Federation for the prevention and control of emergency supplies and other needs to combat the new pneumonia epidemic.

11. Huami TechnologyOn January 25, Huang Wang, CEO of Huami Technology, announced in a circle of friends that he would support 10 million yuan in medical supplies to the disaster-stricken areas in Wuhan.

12. Beautiful. On January 24, Midea officially announced that in order to combat new pneumonia, Midea’s Wuhan air-conditioning plant plans to donate fresh air + windless air-conditioning products to Vulcan Mountain Hospital. On January 26, it also announced that it would donate all the home appliances needed to build the Raytheon Hospital in Jiangxia District.

13. HaierOn January 24, the Haier-owned company provided materials such as sterile masks and protective clothing for Wuhan Hospital, and then announced a donation of 5 million yuan in cash and IoT appliances. On January 25, a total of 65 medical equipment such as ultra-low temperature refrigerators, drug refrigerators, blood cryogenics, and biological safety cabinets were deployed, with a total market value of 3 million yuan.

14. Hisense. On January 24, Hisense TV gathered good-looking official news, Wuhan users can watch Hisense AI TV gather good-looking movie and TV VIP content for free during the first month.

15. BGIOn January 25, BGI will donate 10,000 new coronavirus detection kits to Wuhan.

16. NeteaseOn January 23, NetEase was selected carefully. Through emergency coordination of production capacity, NetEase was selected to add an additional batch of masks, of which 30,000 pieces of 3D protective masks are exclusively for Hubei. Priority is provided to Hubei users for free, which can be collected by post; another emergency call 150,000 pieces of individually-packed disposable masks are available for users across the country, and Yan Xuan continues to provide 50,000 copies of free hand protection products such as hand sprays and hand sanitizers to users across the country. On January 24, NetEase Youdao provided free online winter vacation courses to primary and middle school students in Wuhan.

17. HuaweiOn January 25, Huawei supported Hubei Mobile and Hubei Unicom launched Caidian Vulcan Mountain 5G base station. The Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital covered by the base station signal is a hospital built specifically for the fight against the pneumonia epidemic, following the model of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital. On January 26, Huawei announced that it would donate 30 million yuan to the Wuhan Charity Federation account for epidemic prevention and control.

18. TCLOn January 26th, TCL launched an emergency support donation operation in Wuhan. After close communication with the local government and related institutions, it announced a donation of 10 million yuan in cash, and also provided for the establishment of “Chaodian District Fire God Mountain Hospital” and “Jiangxia District Thunder God Mountain Hospital”. Required public display LCD equipment, air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines.

19. Station B. Bilibili announced that it has donated 10 million yuan to Hubei Charity Federation, donated 16,000 N95 masks, launched the “Anti-pneumonia” channel at station B, and presented several documentaries to Hubei TV.

20. SFSF announced that it will donate 20 million yuan to help Hubei Province fight the epidemic. It is understood that the 20 million yuan donated by SF will be used to purchase urgently needed relief supplies such as medical supplies, masks, protective clothing, disinfectant, goggles and so on.

21. China MobileChina Mobile has required provincial companies to ensure communication services during epidemic prevention and control. One is to interface with the National Health and Medical Commission and other departments to identify team members who support epidemic prevention and disaster relief across provinces to provide them with no downtime services. The second is to work with provincial governments. Docking, determine the list of medical personnel in charge of the command and dispatch leading group, working group, and the provincial health committee in the province, and provide them with no-downtime services. Third, provide no-downtime services to public customers in important epidemic areas and isolated areas.

22. VipshopVipshop announced on Weibo that it has donated RMB 20 million to Hubei Province and Wuhan City to fight the epidemic and purchase materials.

23. HKUST News Fly. HKUST Xunfei donated 10 million yuan to prevent and control the epidemic situation. HKUST Xunfei donated the scarce medical supplies to Wuhan, including: 12,857 N95 masks, 3000 sets of protective clothing, and 13,334 goggles.

24. Luckin CoffeeOn January 25, Ruixing Coffee confirmed to the Chinese Red Cross Foundation a donation of 10 million yuan for the purchase of masks, protective clothing, disinfectant, goggles and other urgently needed medical supplies and other medical equipment.

25. SuningSuning and other companies urgently transported about 50 tons of disinfection water to Wuhan; donated 1 million disinfection air purifiers to Wuhan Hospital; Suning Tesco comprehensively protected the supply of vegetables, meat, poultry and other food in Wuhan; donated 2 million to the newly-built Wuhan Thunder God Mountain Hospital Materials, including office computers, air conditioners, water heaters, disinfection lamps and food and drinking water.

26. High CapitalGaojing Capital will allocate 10 million yuan to its subsidiary Gaoji Medical to set up a special fund, which is mainly used to purchase medical and protective materials and drugs urgently needed to fight the epidemic.

27. A good future. Good Future Education Group announced on the 26th that it has established a special fund of 100 million yuan to fight the epidemic, of which 20 million yuan was donated to Wuhan Charity Federation to purchase medical supplies to fight the epidemic and protect the health of front-line medical staff. Another 80 million yuan is dedicated to education, which helps children in Hubei and the affected areas in the country to “suspend classes and keep on school” to the greatest extent.

28. New Oriental. Xindong donated 20 million yuan to the Hubei Red Cross Society.

29, 360. 360 announced the donation of 15 million yuan of medical supplies to ensure the safety of frontline epidemic prevention staff and support for epidemic relief.

30. RealmeRealme, a mobile phone company, announced on January 26 that it would donate 500,000 yuan to the Hubei Charity Federation for the local procurement of emergency prevention and control substances such as medical masks and protective clothing to fight the epidemic.

31. The tide. Inspur’s first batch of nearly 100,000 pieces of medical and epidemic prevention supplies have been shipped from various places, and have recently arrived at the front line of the Huanggang epidemic area in Hubei.

32. CtripCtrip said that it will upgrade the major disaster protection fund to 200 million and launch a special cancellation policy for suspended group games.

33. US Mission. Meituan Public Welfare Foundation announced the donation of RMB 200 million, and set up a national special fund for medical care to support and care. At present, it mainly targets medical personnel in key areas such as Wuhan for epidemic prevention and control, and medical teams supporting Hubei across the country. The fund will cooperate with relevant professional institutions Carry out targeted support and assistance, including procurement of medical supplies and humanitarian assistance to front-line medical personnel, guarantee of living services, and care and encouragement.

34. BaiduBaidu announced the establishment of a 300 million yuan epidemic and public health security special fund to support a series of anti-epidemic efforts such as screening, research and development of cures for new diseases such as new coronaviruses, and longer-term social public health safety information science And spread.

35. Lexin. Lexin released news that Lexin Public Welfare Foundation will donate 15 million yuan through One Foundation, Wuhan Red Cross, Shenzhen Charity Association to support frontline fighting and prevention in epidemic areas such as Wuhan, and to protect frontline epidemic prevention and care Personnel safety.

36. MicrosoftOn January 26, 2020, Microsoft China announced that it would donate 1 million yuan to the Hubei Red Cross Foundation to support the prevention and control of the epidemic and treat diseases. At the same time, the company will initiate employee donations and cooperate with partners to provide cloud computing, data analysis, and artificial intelligence to relevant departments.

37. OPPOOn January 26, OPPO donated RMB 30 million to the Wuhan Charity Federation for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus-infected pneumonia epidemic, and made some efforts to fight the medical staff on the front line of the epidemic.

38. Vivo. On January 26, vivo has donated RMB 30 million to the Hubei Charity Federation to prevent and control the epidemic.

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