Man made Blood sucking Medical Robot

Man made Blood sucking Medical Robot

Experts of Rutgers University and Mount Sinai Hospital have invented a medical robot that is far more capable of finding blood and removing blood from the right location than humans.

For those with narrow veins, it is easier to bleed during the blood test because they get a vein on the first try. But in this case, some people experience severe anxiety and discomfort because the veins in their arms are irregular and can be very difficult.

In such cases, when thick needles are touched three to four times in their arms, their scars come out of pain. This robot is specially designed to reduce the inconvenience of such people.
During the initial trials conducted on 31 patients, the robot performed 87% overall, while the veins showed 97% accuracy.

This robot, which is currently in the prototype stage, uses ultrasound to detect the vein in the arm and identifies the desired vein using an algorithm equipped with artificial intelligence.

Experts say that this is a fast, safe and reliable invention that protects patients from unnecessary complications and extra pain.

If further tests prove that this robot is truly successful, it is hoped that over the next few years it will become more common, especially for those whose medical staff have a serious problem finding arm veins.

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