Make a human city design on Mars, get a reward of 1.5 million!

City design on Mars: Mars Society, a group seeking to build human settlements on Mars, recently announced a new competition, inviting people from all over the world to design a human city on Mars. Submit it to them.

Whichever design best suits the Mars Society, the team that made it will be rewarded with a $ 10,000 (Rs. 1.5 million Pakistani rupees). The deadline for submitting a design for the competition is set for June 30, 2020.

The future city of Mars has been named “Mars City State” where one million people can live.

However, the design of the city must be realistic, while the Mars Society also stipulates that all the resources of this city should be obtained from Mars so that it needs the least amount of supplies from the earth.

This means that all inhabitants of Mars City State can receive goods, clothing, housing, energy, everyday goods only, vehicles and machines, etc., from the natural resources available on Mars. However, only those items that cannot be manufactured there will be allowed to “import” from the ground up to Mars, especially modern electrical appliances and similar appliances.

If you also have a city plan for Mars where one million people can live and are fully self-sufficient in all their resources, you can get more details by clicking this link.

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