Ma Yun claims that Lakeside University is not a circle: business between classmates is not reliable

IT House January 19 News The final interview of the sixth candidate of Lakeside University was held on January 15. Ma Yun also attended the meeting and expressed his views on the positioning of Lakeside University.

Ma Yun said that the lakeside university is not a circle, it is a place for communication, and it must have something that it insists on. He said, “We don’t become an entrepreneurial circle, not to teach you to make money, but to communicate with you and study how to create value. Many business schools have become circles in the end. Lakeside universities do not need such circles. Money and projects are needed. Students at Lakeside University will only find a group of entrepreneurs who have the same ideals, feelings, pain, and troubles and learn from each other.

In addition, Ma Yun also stated that he was very opposed to doing business with each other at Lakeside University. Borrowing money and doing business between classmates is not reliable. At the same time, Ma Yun reminded students not to think that they are very smart: Alibaba has more than 100,000 people, and there are naturally many smart people. Don’t be smarter than others, it’s really a shame. But strong leadership can enable smart people to work together, unite different people, and know who goes and who stays.

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