Looking For a Price of 20,000! HUAWEI Mate XS 5G listed on March 18

HUAWEI today officially announced the second Mate XS 5G under the brand ’s folding phone in Hong Kong. The phone will use the same folding method as the previous Mate X, but it will use a stronger Kirin 990 5G processor and support it by integrating 5G baseband Dual-mode 5G will be more power-efficient than the previous generation!

HUAWEI Mate Xs will be available from designated retailers starting March 18, with StarBlue. The suggested retail price is HK $ 19,888.

HUAWEI Mate Xs uses the design of the previous generation Mate X in appearance. The front of the machine is a 6.6-inch 19.5: 9 ratio screen (2480 x 1148), while the back screen is 6.38 inches 25: 9 ratio (2480 x 892). The screen is an 8-inch 8: 7.1 ratio (2480 x 2200).

The double-layer structure is used in the material, which is stronger than the single-layer structure, which makes the manufacturing cost of Mate Xs three times more. At the same time, Mate Xs switched to a folding hinge that is stronger than the titanium alloy material to enhance the durability of the Mate Xs screen.

In terms of specifications, HUAWEI Mate Xs 5G is equipped with a stronger Kirin 990 5G processor, which implements 5G network functions by integrating 5G baseband.

Compared with the previous generation Kirin 980 + Balong 5000 combination, it has more power and performance. In addition, built-in 8GB RAM + 512GB ROM, also equipped with 40 million images + 16 million images ultra wide-angle + 8 million images telephoto + ToF four LEICA certified lenses, and supports three times optical zoom, up to 30 times zoom, 2.5cm micro Distance photography and OIS + AIS anti-shake function, battery capacity is 4500mAh (supports 55W fast charge), running EMUI 10 system. Among other things, Mate Xs also support stylus and NFC.

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