Lightning Reverse Solar Panel Ready in the Dark of Night

From a scientific point of view, not only the light from the sun to the earth during the day, but also the heat that we can not see but feel.

Normal solar panels absorb sunlight during the day and convert it into electricity, but heat is of no use to them.

However, the sun gets hot and the heat gets hotter in the day. At night, this heat is released from the earth and returns to space, which is much cooler than the ground level at night.

This is the heat that can be made using electricity; and this is the process that scientists have called “optically coupling with deep space”.

To put this idea into practice, experts are working with conventional solar cells to incorporate some non-conventional materials that will consist of mercury or similar metal.

During the day, these solar panels will generate electricity from the sun while using the heat raised from the ground at night to continue the electricity generation.

However, at night, such “reverse solar panels” will produce significant amounts of electricity, but they will still be useful in many tasks that require less energy.

According to a report published in the research journal “ACS Photonics”, the performance of such a reverse solar panel at night will be 25% over the day. However, this is also acceptable because the ground temperature eventually escapes into space, which we are not currently benefiting from.

How long will these reverse solar panels be continuously generating day and night? It is currently premature to say anything about this because scientists at the University of Maryland have just described the practicalities of this concept very early.

Within the next few years, success may well be our footsteps; and it is possible that the dream of reverse solar panels may not be ashamed for many years to come … so anything can happen, but hopefully.

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