Lenovo Holdings Announces: Liu Chuanzhi Resigns Ning Chan As Chairman

Lenovo Holdings announced that the chairman Liu Chuanzhi resigned, effective after the end of December 31, Ning Cheng took over as chairman of Lenovo Holdings.

Later, Liu Chuanzhi and Zhu Linan sent an open letter to Lenovo Holdings (the original text of the open letter is attached at the end of the article), stating that the company will start the formulation and implementation of the next five-year plan in 2020; they believe that this is the most appropriate time Career is entrusted to a young, strong, more innovative and more international team.

According to the letter, Ning Ling has experienced many changes in the development of the company, highly agrees with the corporate vision and Lenovo’s core values, and has a large strategic pattern.

In 1984, Liu Chuanzhi and 11 other scientific researchers started from a small cottage of less than 20 square meters in the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and successively created a group of enterprises including Lenovo Group, Julian Capital, Hony Capital, and other companies.

Liu Chuanzhi was born in 1944 and is 75 years old. Born in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, he graduated from the Military Telecommunication Engineering Institute of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in 1966 (now known as Xidian University). Representatives of the 16th and 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, deputies to the 9th, 10th, and 11th National People’s Congresses, and vice-chairman of the 8th and 9th All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. He was awarded the title of “Pioneer of Reform” and the Medal by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council.

Liu Chuanzhi has won various honors at home and abroad, including the first place in the second National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Awards (1990), “National Labor Model” (1995), “Fortune” magazine, “Asia’s Best Business Leader “(2000), CCTV China Economic Person of the Year (2000),” Business Star “Asia Star (2000),” Time “Weekly” 25 Most Influential Business Leaders in the World “(2001), The title of “Pioneer of Reform” awarded by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council was awarded the “Pioneer of Reform” (2018).

Ning Yun was born in 1969 and graduated from Renmin University of China with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Ning Ying joined Lenovo in 1991 and was previously senior vice president and chief financial officer, executive director and member of the executive committee of Lenovo Holdings Co., Ltd., responsible for the company’s finance and capital, capital operations, risk control, and audit, and capital market and Public relations and other related work, and preside over the operation and management of financial investment business.

Ning Wei has successively served as Assistant President, Assistant President and Secretary of the Board, Vice President, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, and Executive Director of Lenovo Holdings.

Today is a very special day for Lenovo Holdings. We are happy to tell you that after many years of polishing and careful preparation of the company’s succession plan, it is realized today. The board of directors unanimously approved that Ning Hui took over the chairmanship of the company and Li Peng assumed the role of CEO. They will lead everyone in the future and continue to make firm progress towards the common vision in our hearts.

In our entire enterprise career, we have done some work and achieved some results. We have also made many mistakes and encountered many setbacks. We have climbed to the peak and plunged into the deep valley, but no matter success or failure, experience or lessons, we use the essence of life to pay tuition for growth and gain the qualifications for existence.

“Industry to serve the country” is our original intention and our vision. Achieving the vision is not easy. It takes Lenovo generations to work tirelessly. Therefore, the inheritance plan is particularly important. We have spent many years carefully planning and improving corporate governance, system design, and management culture forging, and we have deliberately exercised, cultivated, and selected leading figures to build a talented team.

After many changes in the development of the company, Ning Yue highly agreed with the company’s vision and Lenovo’s core values, has a large strategic pattern, demonstrated outstanding learning, organization and judgment, comprehensive quality and deep understanding and rich practice of the company; Li Peng is an outstanding senior management talent with an international background. He has practiced the Lenovo culture, has a high sense of commitment, dares to innovate, and has in-depth professional judgment and practical experience in investment and business operations. Both of them are young cadres who worked hard from the front line. They are ambitious, ambitious, and capable. They have repeatedly proven themselves with solid combat skills, and have therefore been fully recognized by the board of directors and employees. Today’s Lenovo Holdings has a clear strategy and a mature team. In 2020, the company will start the formulation and implementation of the next five-year plan. This is the most appropriate time to entrust Lenovo Holdings’ business to a more prosperous, more innovative, more In the hands of an international team.

A generation has a generation of responsibilities. Today, the global situation is changing, the international political and economic environment is complex and changing, technology is changing rapidly, industry changes are brewing, and business models are constantly innovating. The changes in the future world will be beyond imagination, and may even be unpredictable. The challenges are huge. At the same time, there is also a large space for imagination. As an investment holding company, Lenovo Holdings is still young and immature and must study and climb with all its strength. There are too many places worth improving. How to grasp the macro situation, make accurate judgments, how to solve key issues, and further build a strategic pattern, we need a new generation of leaders to lead everyone to work together, with tenacity and wisdom, persistence and enthusiasm, to overcome difficulties and dangers, and meet future challenges and opportunity. As a veteran of Lenovo, we will always care about the development of the company and will continue to contribute our value in another way.

Moment of farewell to the moment of farewell to Lenovo.

In the corner of our park, there stands the entrepreneurial bungalow quietly. It is a replica. The small cottage when Lenovo was founded in 1984, because the beautiful park has been demolished. Between that dappled little bungalow and today’s high-rise buildings with clear windows, it is the 35 years of stormy seas Lenovo has gone through.

You won’t forget the ups and downs of the early days of entrepreneurship, and the upward force that rushed out of that ignorance and hardship. Today, those older generations of Lenovo who struggle hard and die together are gray-haired. Let us be relieved that these early batches of Lenovo “gardeners” can enjoy the fruits of corporate growth and live a happy old age.

We will not forget the life-and-death battle for defending domestic brands with the international PC giants in 1994. A large number of young Lenovo forces have joined forces to defeat the powerful foreign rivals at home, and then enter the world stage and participate in global competition. He has made his contribution to the country’s industrialization of science and technology, the construction of information technology, and the development of the Internet, as well as the internationalization of Chinese enterprises. Those strong and passionate colleagues are still deeply in our minds and become an important part of life.

We will not forget the new blueprint of Lenovo Holdings that we jointly planned when the new century began. We hope to use investment to create more platforms in different fields so that people with both moral ability and talent can take charge of the banner; use the power of capital to “plug wings for tigers” and use the power of capital to help China’s more real economy and entrepreneurial innovation The development of the enterprise realizes “industry serving the country”. As a result, Lenovo Holdings, a team with a glorious name, has made learning a way of life, and pursues the future with diligent efforts to form the business layout of today’s “strategic investment + financial investment”.

Our association is different. With the strong support of the Academy of Sciences, we promoted the realization of the company’s mechanism reform and injected new impetus into the sustainable development of the company. Today, Lenovo Holdings’ early entrepreneurs and current employees have a total shareholding ratio of about 30%. The top leaders are resolute. The leader of the company is not pursuing personal wealth, but to benefit more people and ensure entrepreneurship. The old colleagues have no worries about life. It is necessary to let the younger colleagues who join constantly become the true masters of the enterprise. Such a mechanism will ensure that Lenovo has a humid air and a united force so that employees can exert greater enthusiasm and creativity, Growth is integrated into the long-term development of the enterprise.

We have also built up a solid management and cultural foundation through years of accumulation and summarization, including “three elements of leadership”, including “enterprise interests first,” “pragmatic and progressive”, “people-oriented” root culture, “commitment, professional “Innovation, collaboration, and cultural expressions”, as well as practical methodologies, have played a very important role in several major changes in Lenovo’s history and in the battles we have experienced.

We are lucky. Thank you for the great era of reform and opening up, which allows us to plan our lives, seek the value of life, and let Lenovo emerge as the times require, to be able to do something practical for society; thank the Chinese Academy of Sciences for setting up the banner of “scientific and technological industrialization” for us, As well as the unwavering support of Lenovo as a major shareholder in all key periods; thank the governments at all levels for their selfless guidance, encouragement, and encouragement, so that we will not have the slightest complacency or shake whether we are in good times or bad times; thanks Caring and helping friends from all walks of life in Lenovo has always been Lenovo’s most valuable asset.

What is infused into our blood and engraved into our bone marrow is that these 35 years have given us colleagues who have traversed mountains and rivers, lived and died, thank you for holding our common devotion, fighting again and again in the strong waves, not giving up, not self Satisfaction and enthusiasm, through countless difficult times together, sharing the joy of each step of growth? Thank you for this like-minded fate, thank you for your years of trust, affirmation and support, and your unremitting efforts for the cause of Lenovo.

Is willing to invite the situation together. Dear colleagues, I hope you will never change your mind, and you will always have your feelings. Inherit the spirit of integrity and honesty, and carry forward the spirit of siege and forge ahead. I wish Lenovo will always move forward with an entrepreneurial attitude in your hands without frustration. Be discouraged, do not be trivial for small wins, strive to make new achievements, and make more contributions to our country and our nation!

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