Lahore police treat people with violations of action, lockdown such that every citizen will think a hundred times when exiting the house

LAHORE: Police launched a crackdown on lockdown in the wake of the Corona virus.

According to local TV channel, the movement of civilians on nails in Lahore on the sixth day of lockdown has been severely restricted in the wake of the Corona virus, the number of citizens being stopped by the Lahore police has exceeded 43,000. According to SSP Operations Mohammad Naveed, more than 33,600 small vehicles have been stopped and asked for the purpose of departure, while 41,000 people were sent back home with a warning not to travel again and more than 1,800 citizens were granted bail. While 1100 vehicles were shut down, citizens could escape the Corona virus while staying in homes while 144 were taken to Mitchell. Cases have also been registered against 460 people.

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