Lahore Police introduces new software called ‘Travel Eye’

LAHORE: Lahore Police has introduced a new software called ‘Travel Eye’ which aims to capture the wanted accused of buying tickets at various city centers.

According to the police, under this software all bus stations and companies in Lahore will be registered. With the help of this software, bus escapes to other cities can be captured.

In any case, if the accused designated to travel by buying a ticket from any bus service, he will be caught by the software immediately.

According to the control room sub inspector in charge, Amir Ahmed, the bus stations in Lahore are registered in our system, who have logins and record of whoever buys the ticket will come to us.

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According to CCPO Lahore Zulfiqar Hameed, there have been fifteen hundred better hotels and bus bases registered so far in Hotel I and Travel I software, of which thirty-eight thousand were checked during this year’s Doma. Forty advertisers have been arrested. “With this software we are easily catching the wanted and judicial fugitives of the police and the movement of criminals is also being tracked,” he said.

Travel Eye will also check the activities of criminals along with checking the persons coming and going in Lahore.

Through the modern system, it will be possible to monitor the movements of the recorded offenders, where the arrest of dangerous criminals will be facilitated.

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