Kobe related shoes were speculated, causing platform shots, fans condemned

On January 27, 2020, Beijing time, a generation of basketball superstar Kobe Bryant died in an accident. Soon, on the sneaker trading platform’s Detox (Poison) App, Bryant-related sneakers were quickly pushed up.

At five in the morning, all KOBE sneakers in the app were swept away. The price of ordinary shoes increased five times, the price of joint shoes increased ten times, and the highest price was speculated to more than 20,000. KOBE shoes, the cheapest pair will cost 2999 yuan.

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Take a Nike  Zoom  Kobe4 sneaker as an example. This shoe is priced at 4119 yuan at 11 o’clock and was recently sold at 8237. However, during the time period when Kobe died, the highest transaction price was fired to 15999 yuan .

The property app issued an announcement around 11 o’clock, saying that it advocates rational consumption and opposes malicious speculation. At the same time, it is emphasized that the prices on the platform are mainly affected by the third-party supply and demand relationship. “For users with a small number of malicious lock orders and other speculations on the platform, we will take a proportionate deduction of the security deposit, and the direct seal of the severe ones.”

Subsequently, in order to combat malicious speculation and hoarding and strengthen platform governance, the Goto App also took further measures, including the implementation of an ID restriction on some Kobe products.

At the same time, 37 offending users have been taken to “take all bids off the shelves and ban accounts for 7 days”.

The trend of fried shoes has begun in 2019. Interface News has reported that sneakers have become more than just their use value.

But at this point in time, the price of maliciously speculating high Kobe-related sneakers is clearly unacceptable.

In the morning of January 27th, the label of # boycott speculation Kobe sneakers has begun to appear on Weibo . Dissatisfaction was expressed over the speculation that the deceased was getting rich.

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