Kobe helicopter and air traffic dialogue exposure was unable to land due to haze hovering

Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Jaina died unexpectedly in a helicopter accident, shocking the United States.

The TMZ website was the first to get a recording of conversations with ground air traffic controllers before Kobe ’s helicopter crashed, which also revealed more of the situation at the time.

Today, the weather in Los Angeles is very bad, with high humidity and haze, which is not suitable for flying. Law enforcement sources also told TMZ that even the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) air support force was grounded for this reason.

However, Kobe’s helicopter took many people to Thousand Oaks early in the morning, which may not be a good choice.

By tracking the flight distance data, it can be seen that Kobe’s aircraft hovered over the Los Angeles Zoo for a long time because the haze was too large and it circled at least 6 times at a very low altitude (about 266 meters) to wait for the haze to dissipate.

At about 9:30 local time, the pilot contacted the control tower at Burbank Airport, and the personnel in the control tower knew that the aircraft had circled for about 15 minutes. In the end, the pilot chose to fly north along Highway 118, then turn west and fly along Highway 101.

By 9:40, they might have encountered a more severe fog, so the helicopter turned around and headed south. The south is a mountainous area, and the pilot suddenly raised the flight height from 360 meters to 610 meters.

At about 9:45, they entered the mountain, flying at a height of about 500 meters, and flight tracking data showed that their flight speed was 161 knots (298 kilometers).

The cause of the plane crash was not clear, and Washington authorities have sent a team to Los Angeles to investigate.

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