Kashmir movement independence and Pakistan

The grip on the whole world of the Corona virus is proof that God is capable of everything in the universe. It seems less academic and less understanding. Of course, India’s naval army is just a test of our faith in Kashmir. If the rulers of the Islamic ideology of Pakistan have given permanent place to the fear of India’s military power and the economy, it would be a matter of great misfortune, and we are the special envoy of the conscience. The Kashmiri Mujahideen of occupied Kashmir are offering the best examples of certainty.

The reaction of the Kashmiri people against the Indian move to abolish the special status of occupied Kashmir on August 5, 2019, and India’s keen observation that Kashmir was part of India and not, and that the Occupation of Kashmir and other territories in occupied Kashmir. The people have the support of the people and the pro-India Kashmiri faces, who were given the power of the Indian election and given power, have no political status and role in their occupied Kashmir. The Indian army failed to control the mujahidin even with special powers. In occupied Kashmir, Governor Raj Kashmiri was intent on rejecting Indian rule by the people. The leadership of both the pro-India National Conference and the People’s Democratic Party were calling on India to negotiate with Pakistan to preserve its political credibility and both were not in favor of ending Kashmir’s special status. That is the reason for the move on August 5, 2019 Later, the leadership of the ANC and the PDP were also shut down. After eight months, Sheikh Farooq Abdullah and his son Omar Abdullah have been released and the remaining Chief Minister Mufti Mufti remains detained. The release of Farooq Abdullah and Abdullah is unlikely to benefit India. The beloved Mufti had moved away from the focus of the end of his government and may still not accept India as a tool for the survival of his politics.

In fact, India’s August 5 strategic move is a continuation of historical misunderstandings and misunderstandings regarding Indian rulers in Kashmir since the partition of India. But India’s dream has not been an embarrassment so far, but the sacrifices of Kashmir youth have strengthened the freedom of movement. The sacrifices of Kashmiri mothers for their children are a great honor for them. Are. Syed Ali Gilani, Mirwaiz Omar Farooq, Yasin Malik and Syed Shabbir Shahzad have been the heroes of Kashmiris and their persistence has become a path for Kashmiri youth and they are not reluctant to sacrifice their lives.

The BJP leadership is presenting its August 5 move as a big achievement, but the fact is that India has not learned a lesson from history. There is still a misconception that Pakistan’s weak economy, FATF and Jihad. Successful Indian diplomacy to keep terrorist and armed resistance groups at the forefront of terrorism will keep Pakistan confined to the verbal support of Kashmiris and India will eventually be able to overcome the Mujahideen. India is doing this and Pakistan is seemingly limited, but the people and mujahideen of Kashmir are not discouraged and are strongly supporting India with strong faith. Pakistan is also in a position to support the political, moral and diplomatic support of Kashmiris and this is the strong demand for public opinion.

Last year, Pakistan Air Force responded to the Koblakot air raid and in the wake of the catastrophic crisis, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Kashmir diplomatic diplomacy was a trailer for the Pak-India conflict, which was a clear message that India was not a major military challenge for Pakistan, and that Pakistan was a thief in Pakistan. If, through political process, elimination of migrants, corruption and incompetence from the country and strengthening of the state system, India will not be able to face Pakistan in which state terrorism, human rights abuses, minorities and women are being exploited everyday. As usual, 25 million Muslims are feeling overwhelmed and the military is dealing with separatists in different states.

Kashmir movement is now gaining international attention and India is as close to the United States, but President Trump’s offer of mediation between India and Pakistan over Kashmir is at least a convincing proof that the United States recognizes India’s statement as “our internal matter.” Does not In a large country like India, it is very difficult for an elected government to continue occupying Kashmir because of the conscious citizens who want their soldiers to die in Kashmir when resources are wasted and human rights violations are under international pressure on India. And the leading countries of the world are still worried about India despite its shared interests, but unfortunately the extremist Hindus are subjected to Indian politics and there is no name for secularism and democracy. There is nothing And Muslim hostility. Parliament of India And the judiciary is doing exactly what the Hindutva aspirants do, so it is unlikely that India’s relations with Pakistan will return to normal in the near future or India will show some flexibility on Kashmir unless it is forced too much. However, India is taking advantage of Pakistan’s weak economic conditions and its policy of avoiding war, putting Kashmiri youth in jails as martyrs or mujahideen facilitators, which is of great concern.

India’s policy of repression against Kashmiri separatists and discrimination against Indian Muslims has also involved a great deal of anti-Islamic tendency in the West and anti-Islamic tendency of the US Arbuckle. Is steaming. Our billionaire powers are probably expecting something from the United States. Pakistan must also inform and support the Muslims of Islamic countries and the subcontinent in this regard.

It is interesting to see how the Arab powers of Pakistan are seeing this situation. Apparently there is great meaningful silence. Of course, there are circumstances and perhaps no immediate rush due to the seriousness of the problem is considered to be appropriate, but giving India a free hand in Kashmir would not be a proper strategy. The challenges presented cannot be overlooked. Pakistan needs extraordinary measures on the external front Why is the world silent on India’s state terrorism and Kashmiri mujahideen are not terrorists? For this, Pakistan has to go to the International Court of Justice against India. Pakistan is not only an autonomous country but it has an important position in the United States as a part of the United States. With strong foreign policy, it will have to move ahead on the diplomatic front with China, Turkey and Malaysia. Fixed Foreign Policy Friendly countries will suffer from mistreatment. Arab countries should no longer take Pakistan easy unless they stand with Pakistan over Kashmir issue against India.

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