Jury decides Apple must pay WiLAN $ 85 million for patent infringement

A jury in San Diego decided that Apple should pay Quarter hill Inc. $ 85 million worth of Wi-Fi for patent infringements in a new trial in a case starting in 2018.

The case dates back to 2014, when WiLAN warned Apple of infringing six patents with its iPhone and iPad products. The intellectual property included in the WiLAN charge belonged to the same family of patents as a separate patent at issue in a Florida case pending at the time, Apple argued in its bid for a finding of non-infringement.

The two patents, one for a “method and apparatus for requesting / allocating bandwidth protocols in a wireless communication system” and another for “adaptive control of call acceptance for use in a wireless communication system, ”said Apple’s iPhone.

In 2018, Apple was ordered to pay WiLAN over $ 140 million for the violations. In 2019, the payment was cut to $ 10 million after WiLAN and Apple failed to agree on the damages due.

The court proposed to WiLAN to accept a reduction in damages in the amount of $ 10 million or to prepare a new trial, which would only determine the amount of damages due, since the offense has been confirmed . WiLAN opted for a new trial, in which Apple owed WiLAN $ 85 million in royalties, significantly less than the $ 145 million in the 2018 test.

According to Bloomberg, licenses accounted for more than half of Quarter hill’s sales in the first nine months of 2019.

Apple will likely appeal the verdict. Apple Insider contacted Apple and parent company Quarter hill Inc. for comments.

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