Japan plans to introduce 6G by 2030

Tokyo: Japan has announced the introduction of 6G technology after China, the United States, and Korea.

In this regard, the Japanese government said in its statement that it will develop a comprehensive strategy for the 6G wireless communication network this year and will set up a panel to discuss it later this month.

According to the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications this month, after providing 5G successful services, a panel for 6G Ultrafast Communication Network will introduce this new technology in the country by 2030.

The Japanese government has allocated $ 2.03 billion for research in this regard and the technology is expected to be fully usable in 2030.

Huawei, a major Chinese company before Japan, also reiterated its work on 6G technology.

In addition, Sam Tsang, who has played a key role in introducing 5G in South Korea, has also contributed to his technical skills by launching a research center focusing on 6G.

According to experts, 6G will be ten times faster than FiveG, which will facilitate the introduction of innovation and new technologies.

With the arrival of 6G, artificial technology will be at our fingertips, with the help of robots in large factories taking on modern work.

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