Jack Ma Yun Shares China Experience in Anti Epidemic: I am more confident in Africa now

Jack Ma Yun Shares China Experience in Anti Epidemic:  No matter how powerful your country looks, it is vulnerable to viruses. No country can deal with it alone. Disease, pollution and poverty are the common enemies of mankind.” On the evening of April 28, at the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention (African CDC), Ma Yun Charitable Foundation, and Ali Health jointly organized the New Coronary Pneumonia Medical Exchange Conference. Ma Yun said that the virus knows no borders and has no passport.

Jack Ma Yun Shares China Experience in Anti Epidemic

Ma Yun said that during the three months of the outbreak of the new corona virus, he has been closely tracking the relevant situation. “In addition to materials, knowledge is also very important for medical personnel. I hope that by sharing experience, we can help medical care in other countries without starting from scratch. Must Read: Nokia Wins 1 Billion Dollars Network Equipment Order From India’s Third Largest Operator

It is understood that, at the GMCC (Global New Coronary Pneumonia Practicing and Sharing Platform), Ma Yun Public Welfare Foundation and Alibaba Health have opened six special trainings for Africa. In this special session, Academician Wang Chen and many experts from China-Japan Friendship Hospital shared their experience in the prevention and treatment of new coronary pneumonia online.

The CDC work in Africa is very admirable and also shows leadership and efficiency.

Jack Ma Yun said that he watched a lot of training and decided to participate this time. The CDC work in Africa is very admirable and also shows leadership and efficiency.

Our cooperation allowed us to deliver the first batch of materials to 50 African countries within 6 days. I would like to thank Ethiopia Airlines and the African CDC in particular. The African CDC is very good at sharing experience. Materials Very important, but unity is more important. If the CDC of each country can learn from each other as today, the epidemic can be better controlled. Must Read: US Warns India Collecting Google tax May Lead to Retaliation in 2020

According to Jack Ma Yun, the current anti-epidemic actions in Africa are very rapid. “Many countries in Africa, such as South Africa, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Ghana, etc. have taken quick action. They are very open and learn from experience. This allows me to see the leadership of Africa.

Jack Ma Yun said that he will continue to provide assistance to Africa and will actively share China experience. “Each country has a different situation. Chinese doctors faced the epidemic in China. There are also excellent doctors in Africa who have found African solutions. Must Read: AMD First-Quarter Revenue of 1.79 Billion US Dollars Increased by 40% Year-on-Year, Net Profit of 162 Million US Dollars

On April 27th, local time in Africa, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abbey posted on social media to express his gratitude for starting to receive the third batch of emergency medical supplies from Africa.

Ma Yun Charity Foundation and Alibaba Charity Foundation cooperated with the African Union

Jack Ma Yun foundation  provide the third batch of emergency supplies donations, including 4.6 million medical and civilian masks, and 500,000 viruses Sampling tubes, nucleic acid extraction reagents and nucleic acid detection reagents, 300 ventilators, 100 infrared thermometers, 2000 frontal temperature guns, 200,000 pieces of protective clothing and 200,000 protective masks, and 500,000 pairs of medical gloves. The materials will be distributed by the African Union and the African Center for Disease Control.

At the same time, Alibaba Health senior vice president and GMCC project leader Ma Li told the 21st Century Business Herald that Alibaba Health’s role in the global new coronary pneumonia combat sharing platform (GMCC) is the platform operator. In the eight multinational seminars that have been completed so far, Ali Health focuses on three aspects of work: Must Read: Google Parent Company’s Q1 Net Profit Increased by 3% Year-on-Year to US $ 6.8 billion, after-hours stock price rose 8%

So far, nearly 10,000 anti-epidemic doctors from nearly 120 countries and regions have volunteered to join the world’s largest online anti-epidemic public welfare initiative initiated by China. At the same time, health departments, medical institutions and health care workers in more than 100 countries submitted anti-epidemic experience exchange requirements on the GMCC.

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