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IT Project Assistant for Fresh Graduates

IT Project Assistant job is available in Islamabad. Seeka Technology is now looking to hire people with the right skill sets, attitude, and mentality in order to flourish in an intense workplace with a small company where the job is fast-paced and requires the most effective work practices to ensure everyday targets can be completed. 

We need people who have great business sense and are aware of how the IT industry has changed society. They need IT Project Assistant who can help us grow their team or branch in Pakistan as well as immediately hire more people that could be fantastic candidates.

IT Project Assistant Job Description

SEEKA Technologies is an initiative of its parent firm, Fresh Futures Australia, a learning consultant with locations in Malaysia and Australia. It will be an important platform that uses artificial intelligence to link learners and job seekers to the opportunities that are most pertinent to them, from primary and secondary school to the university level, as well as language programs and work prospects.

 In addition to easing the transition from education to a job, their aim is to make it easier for IT Project Assistants to look for, identify, and apply to the colleges and other educational organizations that are a good fit for them.

IT Project Assistant Job Details 

  • Job Location: Islamabad
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Job Sector: Private
  • Organization: Seeka Technology
  • Gender: Both Male and Female
  • Qualification: BSCS
  • Experience: 1 year


  • Ensuring that assignments are completed and delivered on schedule
  • Whenever necessary, keep management and project managers informed of any problems and potential fixes.
  • Ensuring that workers meet the standards we require of them in order to run the business as effectively as feasible.


  • To serve as a liaison between project managers, team leaders, and workers so that any project-related issues and concerns may be adequately discussed During status/weekly calls with all team members.
  • Communicate with the project managers on the status, difficulties, and potential solutions of our project.
  • Fostering solid ties with QA testers and developers to help us achieve our Objective of a 99.9% bug- or error-free platform.
  • Observing and monitoring the project’s overall progress using the Jira project management tool
  • For helping us in finding and evaluating candidates for additional positions like developers, QA testers, DevOps, etc.

IT Project Assistant for Fresh Graduates


  • Must be willing to sign a contract for one year of employment 
  • Must have good written and spoken English.
  • Preferably from a business-oriented major in information technology, though any IT-related major will do. Applicants with experience in business administration are also invited.
  • Ability to evaluate and comprehend project requirements and business models that we may use to effectively adapt to different situations
  • Being able to structure ideas, provide documentation for business guidelines, requirements, difficulties, and solutions, and actively update it.
  • Possess a keen eye for detail be able to concentrate on challenging tasks for extended periods of time be able to perform under pressure.

Additional Details

  • Working remotely or from home
  • Bonuses for fulfilling expectations

How To Apply

Candidates who want to apply for the IT Project Assistant job. They can send their CV or Resume to Seeka Technology.


What type of education is needed to work as an IT project assistant?

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely related discipline is typical, but practical experience and necessary certifications are also important.

Do IT project assistants interact with clients?

Depending on the project, IT project assistants might speak with customers to get their requirements and give them updates.


An excellent first step into the world of technology projects is to take on the position of an IT project assistant. These experts contribute significantly to project success with their technical knowledge, problem-solving skills, and dedication while laying the groundwork for a fulfilling future in the ever-changing field of technology.

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