It is rumored that Sony’s new flagship will use the same lens as the Galaxy S20?

With the upcoming MWC 2020, major brands will announce a new generation of flagship phones at the conference, of course, SONY is no exception.

Recently, it is reported that SONY’s new flagship phone Xperia 5 Plus will be equipped with the same Sensor as the Galaxy S20. I wonder if the shooting performance will be greatly improved?

Although SONY is the world’s largest supplier of photosensitive elements, regardless of the phones such as HUAWEI, SAMSUNG and Xiaomi, SONY-produced sensors will be used. However, SONY’s traditional mobile phones are not as good as other brands in terms of shooting performance. However, it is reported recently that the new generation Xperia 5 Plus will be equipped with an IMX 555 12 million image lens, and this lens is exactly the same as the Galaxy S20 lens.

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However, the author expects that since the shooting of mobile phones is mainly based on the post-production of software, even if the flagships of the two major brands use the same Sensor, the photos will have a high or low score. Is it Xperia 5 Plus or Galaxy S20? Soon there will be an answer!

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