It is not appropriate to target the Tablighi Jamaat, the Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam also came into the field

KARACHI: Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam’s central leader Qari Muhammad Usman said targeting the Tablighi Jamaat was not appropriate, during government lockdown to ensure the prevention of sensitive borders from where the Kuruna virus is entering the country, Delivery of rations to students in homes, camps and palaces is limited to announcements only, blaming the global movement of invitation and publicity is an attempt to cover up the worst atrocities and failures, placing the world’s most vulnerable. Exercising is to exacerbate anger.

Talking to a delegation of Tablighi Jamaat officials, Qari Mohammed Usman said that practical steps should be taken for the relief and rehabilitation of governmental and community leaders in the outbreak, often with cessation and suppression. Can be achieved, despite the government’s clear orders to preach the Propaganda Party’s Akbarin and to stop the system spreading across the country and to follow the precautionary measures of government agencies, a universal movement of invitation and propaganda. Being held responsible for the worst atrocities and the veil over your own failure Attempts to put in place, the government is arresting the scholars of Tablighi party on the one hand, and on the other hand, those responsible for the spread of the Karuna virus have been given open public meetings; Entering the country, the whole area was sealed and all the resources there

He said that it was the responsibility of the government to ensure that the precautionary measures were fully implemented and that cooperation would be given. Making drunkenness is to exacerbate the wrath, to fill the buses in the preaching centers, to make the role of government and institutions suspicious, the government and the administration take immediate action against the elements that have caused hatred in this atmosphere of curb. Are giving. He said that during the lockdown, people should stay in their homes to prevent the outbreak of the outbreak. A slight caution can also lead to historical tragedy. He expressed surprise at the announcement of ration by the government of Sindh, saying that so far no poor had received ration or aid, which is a proof of the administration’s inability. Ensure uninterrupted supply of ration instead of declaration. He said that the people have set a new example of brotherhood and empathy by serving the poor and the white under their support. The ration packages of Jamiat Ulema and other religious parties, including Islam, are reaching out to the poorer classes, the donors are helping the working masses beyond their reach, in such cases the so-called NGOs who spend the whole year in the name of the poor. But few collect them as if they were a snake.

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