Is Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Related to WiFi 6?

Is Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Related to WiFi 6?

Galaxy S20 Wifi 6: Whether it’s the Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 + ‘s 4 lenses or the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s 100x zoom lens, the WiFi connection specifications behind the lens support the latest WiFi 6 standard. This standard is faster than the previous 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac and is more suitable for Smart Home and other uses. So what exactly is WiFi 6?

The previous WiFi standards were called 802.11n and 802.11ac, and the new AX standard was named after the WiFi 6 number, which is easy to understand. As for our currently commonly used 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi  Will also be supported on the WiFi 6 standard.

Is Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Related to WiFi 6?

WiFi 6 is clear

The Wi-Fi Alliance, which is in charge of wireless technology standards, has proposed a new naming rule. From the current complex method of 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac to a simpler number representation, in order to make product labeling easier. Understand that consumers can simply judge the level of specifications and speed from discerning numbers. The new labeling name is ” WiFi 6 “. At the same time, the previous name and identification icon will be changed. The new naming method is:

  • 802.11b will be labeled Wi-Fi 1
  • 802.11a will be labeled Wi-Fi 2
  • 802.11g will be labeled Wi-Fi 3
  • 802.11n will be labeled Wi-Fi 4
  • 802.11ac will be labeled Wi-Fi 5
  • 802.11ax will be labeled Wi-Fi 6

Support OFDMA transmission

Support OFDMA transmission

The focus of the new WiFi 6 is OFDMA, which refers to the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access. Compared with the currently popular WiFi 5 (802.11ac) standard OFDM, the most obvious difference is the performance of upload and download.

We take passenger trains as an example, and Wi-Fi data transmission is to list people on board, and people are the data among them.

Under the new WiFi 6 AX system, OFDMA can allow multiple users to transmit data at the same time, solving the problem of latency (latency), and greatly improving the performance of data transmission. Under the condition of full use of bandwidth, multi-device It can achieve the simultaneous connection to the Internet and the transmission of uploading Uplink and downloading Downlink is more efficient, which is beneficial to the creation of smart homes that require multiple device networking.

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Go and change Router

This change will make the router products clearer and faster. Taking NETGEAR as an example, it is Mesh WiFi-Orbi RBK852 tri-band network system supports the latest “WiFi 6 Mesh” standard, while the entry-level models AX4, AX8, and AX12 are closer to the people.

The WiFi 6 supported by the Samsung S20 series also supports older routers such as WiFi 5, but to fully release the capabilities of the Note 10, you can only use the new WiFi 6 Router. However, Samsung has not yet launched the WiFi 6 Router. For the best S20 speed, only NETGEAR or ASUS WiFi 6 Router can be used for the time being.

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