Is love the transient intoxication of certain chemicals in the brain?

Can romantic emotions evolve over time as a result of the complex processes of chemicals and psychology within humans?

Consider the other techniques used in different languages ​​to express love affair, love-struck, blind in love, mad at love, hurt at first glance, and heartbreaking love for someone. Instead, it feels intense.

They say that love is not to love but it is. Romantic love is like a fire engulfed, swept away like a water rally and flown like a tornado. We are more in love and it is less in control.

On the one hand, it is like a puzzle and on the other hand, it is very simple. Its path is straightforward and, at times, mundane, without discrimination in different cultures.

Yet no one’s love can be won by science. why like this? Living organisms destroy chemicals called pheromones, the message of their willingness to reproduce. It is generally believed that mutual attraction depends on these chemicals. The thing sounds to the heart. Although pheromones play an important role in sexually transmitting insects or insects, there is little evidence of their presence in humans.

But if a chemical signals an out-of-body fascination, why not inside the body? Take the example of the oxytocin hormone. The common obsession with this is that it is a ‘bonding hormone’ and it helps to produce milk and shrink the uterus. This feature of oxytocin was studied in wild mice called prairie. Instead of flogging these rats, they form a single life partner and express their sexual affection.

When the production of oxytocin was stopped in these mice, the bond between them weakened and expression of affection decreased. On the contrary, in other types of wild mice that have had several sexual partners at one time, when the amount of oxytocin was increased, their sexual or sexual desire declined. The effects of this were not surprising in humans. Therefore, this hormone is not very useful in the matter of love.

If a chemical substance has also been prepared that will carry the message of love to the mind of the beloved, then the question is, where will he put the love letter, because there is no litter box of love inside the mind. And then how is it possible to identify the ‘one in a million’ because there is no molecule or molecule on which this message can be written in secret?

Is love the transient intoxication of certain chemicals in the brain

When trying to examine romantic love through images of the brain, the parts that look after a purpose are ‘bright’. But there can be no definitive conclusion to the part of our brain that shines in one case if that part reacts in the same way. And the issue of romantic love was no different than the love of a mother or the passion she had for her favorite team. Therefore, neuroscience could not explain the spirit of being ‘free from the heart’.

Do we need to experiment more? Scientists generally respond to affirmations. But that would mean that the emotion of love can be described mechanically. Not every production decision can be simple and consistent, because it is not enough for a human being to be imprisoned by a single attribute. For example, long-distance (long stature) is considered attractive in every era, but if the body of a human being is subject to his wishes, then everyone is bankrupt.

Is love the transient intoxication of certain chemicals in the brain

This fact suggests that romantic indulgence is a complex process. Why this is so overwhelming and engaging cannot be explained as we think it is wise to make other important decisions. Can we not act rationally even in the matter of love? Wisely we work in cases where we have to set ourselves apart and make decisions that others can freely understand and implement.

This is not the case with love. It’s just our own decision. And who would want to create a rival by describing the qualities of the beloved anyway?

It would be a mistake to think about human dignity as inferior to intellect. It operates in a very na ۔ve and sophisticated way, and there are so many factors behind it that it may not be possible for our intellect to use them at the same time. For example, recognizing a face is much easier than describing it. Why, then, can recognizing love be different?

If the nervous system of love was simple, then injection could be made for someone by injecting it, and thus it would be possible to remove it through the operation without affecting anything else. But if the matter of love were not so complex, we would not have been able to have evolution.

Yet love depends, as on other thoughts, emotions, and attitudes, on a complex interaction between the physical functions within our brain. But to say that love is merely the name of a chemical change in the mind is exactly as the romance of English literature called Romeo and Juliet is mere words. That would be an understatement. Like art or art, love is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Therefore, those of us who are going through the experience of the unlucky fortune of fortune should surrender ourselves to the waves. Even if they ruined us and jumped on a rocky shore, we would still be able to comfort ourselves by thinking that the end of acting with intelligence would not be any different.

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