iPhone SE2 (provisional) officially announced in March? The next iPad keyboard from scissor type? Until. The latest Apple rumors

This year, the predictions of the new iPhone are 5 types, or 6 types, and the predictions are broken , rumors are also said to be supply chain information close to the production site, and it seems that the latest model is finally coming this spring Is growing.

iPhone SE2 (provisional) officially announced in March? The next iPad keyboard from scissor type? Until now, I look back on the Apple rumors that have arrived in the past week.

AirPods Pro’s no-can performance drastically reduced with latest firmware? Audio equipment review site verified

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AirPods Pro, which has a good reputation for its active noise canceling function that cancels out ambient noise, has been verified to show that devices with the latest firmware have significantly reduced their functions.

It is not unusual for iOS and macOS to have issues with updates. However, AirPods / AirPods Pro firmware is released quietly without notice, and it is installed automatically when connected to the iPhone of the mother ship, so it is troublesome that there is no way to prevent it.

The firmware “2C54” in question was released last December 16 (US local time). According to audio equipment review site RTINGS, the frequency response consistency and bass performance have been improved and improved, but the isolation (sound insulation) performance has been significantly reduced. It is mainly noticeable in the low frequency range such as engine sounds of airplanes and buses, and it seems that it became difficult to enjoy music when waiting for trains.

Speaking of updates to audio-related Apple products, there was a problem that the HomePod smart speaker became just a figurine . There was a fix released in a matter of days (already broken HomePods need to contact Apple official support), but Apple has not officially acknowledged the complaint. It seems that it has been improved rather than hindered except for Neu-Can, but I want to wait for the next report.

The next flagship model, the iPhone 12 (provisional), which is expected to be released this fall, is expected to be roughly 5.4 inches / 6.1 inches (two types: dual lens version and triple lens version on the back) /6.7 inches.

Rumors have been reported that the largest 6.7-inch model, the successor to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, has a thinner body and a larger rear camera sensor. What is reported as supply chain information in China is the Mac Treasure Appraisal Blog, which has a reputation for Apple information overseas.

The information that the thickness of the 6.7-inch model is around 7.4mm, which is about 10% thinner than the iPhone 11 Pro Max (8.1mm), seems to be trivial and gives a big hint. The 2019 model was thicker and heavier than the previous year, mainly due to the larger battery capacity .

With Apple’s focus on battery life, it’s unlikely that the 2020 model will have lower capacity. If so, it is possible to reduce the thickness and weight by introducing other technologies … So, it is speculated that there is a connection with rumors that Samsung’s integrated display with touch function (Y-OCTA) will be adopted It is done.

In addition, the appearance of the new iPhone is almost the same as the 2019 model, and all models are said to be slightly vertical. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst known for Apple’s insider information, predicts a new metal frame as a “ new design reminiscent of iPhone 4 ” design , and famous Leaker Ben Geskin publishes an expected notched rendering image without notch was doing However, mold photos of third-party cases may leak out like last year .

Rumors of adopting Smart Keyboard for the next iPad, scissor structure and back light

Rumors of adopting Smart Keyboard for the next iPad, scissor structure and back lightThe Smart Keyboard, which can now be used on the entry model iPad, can also cover the back, but the basic keying mechanism itself has not changed. With the increasing importance of text input since the release of iPadOS, rumors have been reported that the 16-inch MacBook Pro may be replaced by a scissor-type.

According to DigiTimes of Taiwan, “Apple’s next-generation iPad series is reported to have a scissor-type keyboard.” It is also reported that a new iPad may be released with a “shining” scissor keyboard in the latter half of 2020.

The new scissor keyboard replaces the butterfly keyboard used in the 2015 12-inch MacBook. In contrast to the butterfly type that was crying due to the weakness such as the key response being worsened by the invasion of fine chile, as well as the feeling of thin and light keying, the scissor type is easy to remove because the key can be easily removed, which is also clear from disassembly Has become .

At present, the use of scissors is limited to 16-inch MBPs, but it is expected that adoption will expand to MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro (successor models) that will appear in 2020 . Given such a general change in direction, it seems somewhat convincing that the Smart Keyboard for iPad will be uniformly scissored.

iPhone SE2 , mass production started in February, official announcement in March

iPhone SE2 , mass production started in February, official announcement in March

The new model, which is tentatively named iPhone SE2 (provisional) because it is small and inexpensive, but has been shaken by the theory that it might be iPhone 9 (provisional) based on the prediction of iPhone 8 base. Anyway, it was expected to be released this spring, but major media Bloomberg has reported rumors that mass production of “new low-cost iPhone” will be next month, and official announcement will be “March as soon as possible”.

According to Bloomberg, a person familiar with the Apple roadmap said the assembly of the new device will be shared by three major Taiwanese suppliers, including Foxconn, Pegatron and Wistron. There were rumors that the 5G-compatible iPad was confirmed to be included in Apple’s new product roadmap the other day, but Apple has set up a roadmap for the supply chain (a chronological representation of everything from development to mass production). ) Seems to be a possible story.

Bloomberg’s expectations closely follow the established beliefs, including being the first “low-priced” model since the iPhone SE. It has been posted many times, but if you reconfirm the expected specifications, it is as follows.

  • 4.7 inch screen based on iPhone 8
  • A13 Bionic processor (same as iPhone 11)
  • 3GB RAM
  • 64GB and 128GB storage options
  • The colors are space gray, silver and red
  • Home button available ( Recommended by President Trump )
  • No 3D Touch (press screen)

In addition it is also rumored low-cost model that screen size equipped with a Face ID has become to 5.4 inches (the size of the main body, spread the screen to eliminate the home button while maintaining?) Is, iPhone 6/6 Plus user that was a big hit It may be introduced as iPhone SE2 / SE2 Plus for replacement of iPhone.

iPhone 12 Pro (provisional) abolished Midnight Green as soon as possible? Rumors of navy blue instead

iPhone 12 Pro (provisional) abolished Midnight Green as soon as possible Rumors of navy blue insteadNew color Midnight Green has been added to the Apple iPhone 11 Pro series, but rumors have been reported that the next iPhone 12 Pro (provisional) will be abolished as soon as possible and replaced with navy blue.

This gossip originated from the YouTube channel Everything Apple Pro, a “predicted video of a navy blue model” created and created based on information from Max Weinbach of XDA-Developers. And Mr. Weinbach predicted that “ iPhone 11 will have no yellow and new color green will be added ”, but green was released but yellow persisted … so it is half-and-half It is a person.

For Apple, who emphasizes eco-friendly iPhones under CEO Tim Cook, “green” is a tough choice as it’s prone to pollutants in the manufacturing process. The praise was given to Seiko Advance in Japan for clearing it with high technology , but on the other hand, there were rumors that it was running out of stock due to “manufacturing problems”.

It is said that the jet black of the iPhone 7/7 Plus is said to be the most popular , but it is rumored that the production yield is difficult, and it is actually abolished in the next year model and only for one generation. The rationality of removing any bottlenecks, no matter how popular, or the spirit of challenging to challenge even technically difficult-these new colors of the iPhone may symbolize Apple’s duality.

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