iPhone SE2 generation is coming soon: price or less than 3,000 yuan

Prior to this, there were endless reports about iPhone SE 2 (iPhone 9). Recently foreign media reported that Apple will start a large number of this phone next month, but this phone does not support 5G networks.

It is understood that the mobile phone is mainly targeted at the low-end market and has locked in emerging markets such as India. The price is within 3,000 yuan and is very similar to the iPhone 8 in terms of appearance. It can also distinguish iPhone 8 from iPhone SE 2 (iPhone 9) very well. In addition, it is reported that Apple is expected to release the phone in March, and Foxconn is also preparing related matters.

The author summarizes: iPhone SE 2 (iPhone 9) uses the latest A13 processor, iPhone SE2 will upgrade A13 processor, with 3GB memory (1GB less than iPhone 11), storage is 64GB starting. In appearance, the iPhone 9 still maintains the traditional Touch ID design and has not been upgraded to a full-screen solution.

This is a very good choice for some users who want to transition to 5G networks. At this stage, 5G networks have not achieved full coverage, and 5G networks are also more expensive. Both will be released in September next year. The cost of the network is still under pressure for many users.

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