iPhone 12 Pro abolished Midnight Green as soon as possible? Rumors of navy blue instead

A new color Midnight Green added from iPhone 11 Pro . Tim Cook praised the technology by visiting Seiko Advance, a Japanese company that helped make that happen .

However, it has been rumored that the Midnight Green will be abolished as early as the iPhone 12 (tentative name for the 2020 flagship model) and replaced with a new color, “Navy Blue”. The epicenter of this rumor is Everything Apple Pro on the YouTube channel. In the video posted on the channel, a predicted video of the iPhone 12 Pro navy blue model is released based on information provided by Max Weinbach of XDA-Developers.

Weinbach has a good track record in past iPhone-related predictions.

First, in May 2019, via Twitter’s PineLeaks account, “The successor to the iPhone XR (later iPhone 11) will have no yellow and will be replaced by bright green.” In fact, while the green was launched, the yellow was still alive, and half was hit.

He also predicts that in iOS 13, the volume HUD (the volume meter displayed on the screen) will be inconspicuous, which is brilliant.

Nevertheless, there are some examples that have been removed, predicting that a calculator application will be added to iPad in iOS 13 (not added to iPadOS ), HomePod will be released in Austria and Italy in 2019 (it will not be actually released) Is finished swinging.
It seems good to look at the probability of hits and misses this time.

By the way, Weinbach also announced predictions for Android one after another, and just recently reported rumors of 8K recording and 120 Hz display to Samsung’s next smartphone Galaxy S20 + .

Midnight Green was highly valued for its technology that eliminates environmental pollutants that are easy to accompany with “ green ” ink production, but on the other hand, there were rumors that it was running out of stock due to “ production problems ” .

If the flagship iPhone in 2020 incorporates innovative elements such as 5G, and if the importance of mass production is emphasized only for important products that are expected to return to competitors, Midnight Green could be abolished. maybe.

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