iPhone 11 Pro was exposed to collect user location data, but could not be turned off

Netease Science and Technology News December 5, according to foreign media reports, security reporter Brian Krebs (Brian Krebs) recently released a report claiming that Apple iPhone 11 Pro continued to collect user location data, this may constitute Potential security risks.

Krebs did a demo on the iPhone 11 Pro running Apple’s latest iOS 13.2.3 software, and the software continues to collect GPS for certain applications and system services despite personal location services being manually disabled in the iPhone settings data. Even more worrying is that even if the application’s location service is set to “never” to request the above information, the iPhone 11 Pro will still actively seek GPS data.

In the privacy policy set by the iPhone Location Service, Apple stated that the phone will regularly send geo-tagged locations of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular networks to Apple in an anonymous and encrypted form to expand this to include Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular tower locations database. The company said location-based system services could be disabled in settings, but Krebs found that this was not the case.

He explained: “Obviously, some system services on this model (and possibly other iPhone 11 models) request location data, and users cannot disable these services without completely turning off location services, because Arrow icon for periodic system services. ”

In iOS, users can enable and disable the system location service by setting the user interface and provide control of first-party and third-party applications, basic iOS services, and other Apple features. These tools are supported in iOS 13, which greatly enhances users’ control over data sharing functions and reduces the possibility of inadvertent location tracking.

Previously, third-party applications could request continuous collection of device location data during initial setup, but iOS 13 removed this feature. In addition, when the Always Online Tracking feature is manually enabled in the settings menu, pop-up windows will appear periodically to remind users and provide the option to turn off the configuration.

Apple engineers responded: “We don’t see any actual security risks. When the location service is enabled, displaying the location service icon in the status bar is expected behavior. For system services that are not disabled in the settings, the icon will be displayed.”

Krebs believes that this situation with Apple’s new phone may be related to the new iPhone hardware introduced to support Wi-Fi 6, but this claim has not been confirmed. (Little)

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